Pacific Beaches

Pacific beaches have loads to offer from calm to turbulent waters, plenty of sunshine, and some of the best beach resorts in the world. The Pacific Ocean stretches from Mexico and the western coast of the US and Canada all the way to Australia, New Zealand, and the tropical climate of the Southeast Asia beaches. There are remote islands that offer secluded stays and large expanses of public beach that cater towards locals and tourists looking for a lively beach vacation. No matter what kind of Pacific beaches you are looking for, you have an array of options—it will be easy to find one that suits you.

Southeast Asia beaches are some of the best beaches in the world. The variety of cultures native to this part of the world make for a colorful and unique stay no matter which beach you choose to visit. For instance, the Cook Islands and Fiji are two of the most beautiful destinations and can prove to be somewhat budget-friendly as well, depending on when and where you plan to stay and visit. The Cook Islands are composed of fifteen islands, three of which are atolls, making for varied travel and slews of pristine beaches. Rarotonga is one of the most visited of the islands and is sometimes regarded as home to the best beach in the South Pacific, while Muri Beach and Magatangiaa are ideal for those wishing to windsurf, and Manuia Beach is an excellent choice if you are looking to relax and soak up the sun with a drink in hand. Aitutaki is the second-most visited island and is famous for its lush tropical landscape and near-perfect beaches. Actually a coral atoll, Aitutaki is blessed with easy access to One Foot Island, a beautiful retreat some twenty minutes from the mainland by boat and famous for its white sand, azure waters, and tranquil atmosphere.

Fiji is also a stronghold of popular Southeast Asia beaches, and for tropical beaches in particular. Nadi, located on the main island of Viti Levu, is the gateway to the rest of Fiji. You will find a few beaches here, with the best being Nadi Bay Beach. At low tide there is more room to spread, but sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit, as they show off the natural beauty of the area. If you head over to the opposite side of Viti Levu, beachgoers will find great choices along the Coral Coast, which is home to white sand and white coral beaches and crashing turquoise waves. Korotogo is another one of the popular spots as it is budget-friendly and is located in a quaint beach town with small shops and restaurants.

If you are venturing off of the main island, Yasawa Island is the best place to head to for an outstanding beach vacation in Fiji. Although on the more expensive side, it is well worth the splurge to have the true feeling of tropical paradise. The best beaches here are Paradise Beach, Champagne Beach, and Valawalu Beach, all of which cater to travelers looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun. They are the epitome of the South Pacific, with white sand and warm waters against a backdrop of rugged peaks.

Australia is also a great place to head for pristine Pacific beaches. Bondi Beach in Sydney and the beaches near the Great Barrier Reef tend to be the most popular—Bondi is often regarded as one of the world's top ten beaches—but the country has a seemingly endless number of expanses of sand and surf. For a quiet vacation, head to Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. The island is uninhabited and makes for the perfect secluded retreat, and it has a few miles of white-sand beach surrounded by soft surf and tropical forests. However, this is a better destination for sunbathing and relaxing than for swimming, as there are schools of jellyfish here. Other popular beaches in Australia include Palm Beach, just north of Sydney, which is an excellent choice if you want to give surfing a try or you crave a round of golf, as well as Mission Beach, a great choice with a spectacular view of the horizon dotted with islands. Hyams Beach is also worth visiting, as it is said to have the whitest sand in the world.

If you’re looking for a Pacific beach in Mexico, there are numerous options, and the area has grown in popularity over the past few years. Located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos is one of the hottest American tourist destinations. Cabo San Lucas is the go-to spot for tanning and tequila, and San Jose del Cabo attracts the folk who are into fishing and golf. There are miles of marvelous beaches here, with some of the best being Playa Santa Maria for swimming, Playa Costa Azul for surfing, and Playa Solmar for scuba diving and snorkeling. Bahia de Matanchen, just a few miles away from the sleepy fishing village of San Blas, is the perfect beach for relaxing and sunning. This off-the-beaten-path beach provides visitors with privacy and lots of sunshine.

The Central Pacific Coast also offers options for travelers seeking the best Pacific beach in Mexico. Between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, there are plenty of stretches of sand and a variety of accommodations. Puerto Vallarta caters to visitors, and the beach here has seemingly endless activities and resorts. Just sound of the lively PV is Chamela. The beautifully kept beach is relatively quiet, and the smaller resorts provide for a more intimate trip. If you’re traveling during Spring Break, consider heading down to Acapulco, whose public beach is a serious contender for the unofficial title of best Pacific beach in Mexico. It is dotted with cabanas for rent, a thriving nightlife, and beautiful blue water. The lodging here is relatively affordable, and the majority of the packages are all-inclusive, so all you have to worry about is remembering to put on enough sunscreen in between Coronas.

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