Romantic Beaches

Romantic Beaches
Romantic Beaches

Romantic beaches can be the perfect solution for travelers looking to add a spark back into their relationship, plan a destination wedding, or find the perfect honeymoon destination. What could be more romantic than watching the sunset while toasting a glass of champagne with your partner? Beaches are known—and often depended on—to set the stage for romance. If you have been too busy for romance lately, skip the city breaks and sightseeing in favor of spending time together sunbathing, swimming, or just relaxing. It should come as no surprise that beach honeymoons are extremely popular, and hotels have learned to cater to couples.

While all beaches have a certain romantic quality, different couples will have different ideas of what makes the perfect beach vacation. Young couples might want to rent a private villa, but also be close to restaurants and nightlife. If on the other hand you’re celebrating an anniversary, maybe the presidential suite at a large resort, where all the amenities and deluxe services are a phone call away, could be right for you. Almost all couples would agree though that the most romantic beaches are ones where children and families aren’t present, so it’s often wise to choose a resort or beach that operates on an adults-only policy.

Many couples plan beach honeymoons across the globe. From common choices such as Mexico and the Caribbean to far flung locales such as Sharm el Sheikh and Fiji, there is no shortage of romantic beaches for newlyweds. Choosing the right beach for you will also depend on what you like to do. Some travelers might want to take scuba diving lessons, and for this, Grand Cayman Island can be an ideal choice. If on the other hand you want to fall asleep under the shade of a palm tree with your partner, plan a trip to Maui and rent a car to explore the more remote beaches.

Beach honeymoons can be planned during any time of the year. No matter when you are planning to get married, it is possible to run away to somewhere romantic and warm to spend your first week as a married couple. If you like the idea of making your honeymoon a once-in-a-lifetime trip, choose somewhere off the beaten path such as the Maldives, in the Indian Ocean, or the Seychelles, northeast of Madagascar. Other couples will be so exhausted after their wedding that they won’t want to travel far, and for that there are plenty of romantic beaches in the US as well, including along the California coast and in Florida.

Some travelers might say that the most romantic beaches are private ones. This is one of the most attractive qualities of far-flung island resorts: private beaches. From the Caribbean to Fiji, there are resorts that promise empty beaches and long afternoons for you to enjoy the environment uninterrupted. Many packages are available, including romantic picnics and boat rides to enhance the experience even more. Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon or just looking to reignite the spark in your relationship, leave it to the romance of a beach vacation to give your relationship a new fire.

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