Scenic Beaches

Scenic Beaches
Scenic Beaches

Scenic beaches are just waiting to be discovered across the globe. If you love beach vacations, you could spend a lifetime traveling and still not see the most beautiful beaches this planet has to offer. Beach scenery might vary by continent, but one thing remains the same—just how relaxing and soothing a day at the beach can be, no matter where you are. This year, break out of your travel rut and visit one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. From Hawaii to Croatia, Fiji to California, there are miles of sand and surf that are just begging for you to pull up a chair and enjoy.

Travelers often have different ideas on how to define the prettiest beaches. For some, this might mean miles of golden sand perfect for long walks or stretches of pure-white sand, while others might be more interested in the water and the availability of scuba diving. Europeans love their rocky beaches, while many Americans find them annoying. Whatever your definition is for the world’s most beautiful beaches, you are sure to find many options for a week (or a few) in the sun. From the wide beaches of Aruba to party atmosphere of South Beach, scenic beaches are ideal for a relaxing getaway.

Beach Girls
Beach Girls

It’s important to know what kind of beach scenery you are looking for. Some travelers might be more into beach girls and small bikinis than dramatic scenery, and for this, places such as South Beach, Cancun, or Barra da Tijuca would be a good fit. If you prefer dramatic scenery and beaches tucked into coves and cliffs, head to the Mediterranean, where the coastline of Italy and Croatia and its islands constantly take the breath away of anyone who dares travel to find them. Most people come home with a whole new definition of scenic beaches after seeing what the Mediterranean has to offer.

Topping the list with many of the world’s most beautiful beaches has to be Hawaii. These American islands are one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. From the surfing to the wide beaches to the distinct culture, travelers are drawn to Hawaii again and again, year after year. Maui tops the list as having some of the best beaches in Hawaii, but only the traveler who has really taken the time to explore each of the islands can say which are better than others. Uniquely, Maui also offers black sand beaches. This beach scenery is provided by volcanic rock that has been ground down to create the sand.

Another set of islands that comes to mind when the world’s most beautiful beaches are mentioned is Fiji. These islands in the South Pacific are known for being private and for their romantic beaches, and they’re popular for tropical honeymoons and destination weddings. Whether you choose an all inclusive resort or a beach villa, your time in Fiji is guaranteed to be unforgettable. With some of the most welcoming people in the world, Fiji consistently earns great praise for its hospitality. But no matter where you go, whether you’re planning a honeymoon or a family vacation, the world’s scenic beaches from California to Croatia are waiting for you to dive right in.

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Scenic Beaches

Scenic beaches are just waiting to be discovered across the globe. If you lov...

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