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The best hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are among the most incredible, high-profile properties in the world. The glitz and glamor spinning around the Strip is almost otherworldly, like a distant planet with its own unique set of standards and rules. Though, some rate the size of Las Vegas casino hotels by number of hotel rooms, other’s rate them by casino size, yet other’s rank by total square footage. Though there are many ways to choose the biggest and best Vegas casinos, the exceptional qualities that speak for themselves and automatically propel them onto the high ranking lists that exhibit them as the consummate casino masters they are. The best of the best casinos in this desert town are on the Strip.

The Las Vegas Strip is the main artery of action. Over the years the city has developed, slumped, redeveloped, and evolved into a world-famous destination offering services and amenities on every scale and for every budget. One of the top five largest casinos in Vegas is Wynn Las Vegas, an incredible casino hotel situated on The Strip that is connected to its sister property, Encore (pictured). Wynn Las Vegas occupies a block all to itself between the streets of Desert Inn and Spring Mountain across from Fashion Show Mall. Wynn is considered one of the best Vegas casinos for many reasons; it’s a 5 Star AAA Diamond property featuring an 18-hole golf course, almost 2,000 slot machines, 167 poker and table games 22 bars and restaurants, and almost 3,000 hotel rooms wrapped up in a whopping 110,000 square feet.

Following closely behind as one of the top five largest casinos in Vegas is the MGM Grand, which is the second largest of all hotels in the world and is virtually a small city in itself. Rated in size by hotel rooms, MGM Grand tops the charts with more than 5,000 rooms. Gaming machines total more than 2,300, there are 178 poker and other table games, and 20 bars and restaurants dispersed over a colossal 170,000 square feet. Since 1993, MGM Grand has been a genuine crowd pleaser. The magnificent backdrop can only be compared with other incredible Las Vegas casinos like Wynn’s perpetually perfect property. As one of the best Vegas casinos, MGM reigns as the entertainment ringmaster in the city some call a bonafide circus, hosting sports and live music performances of the highest caliber, including its resident Cirque du Soleil show Ka.

Some of the best hotels and casinos in Las Vegas offer an experience that can take you away to another country entirely, like the Venetian, famous for its quarter-mile gondola rides and Italianate-inspired architecture. It encases more than 4,000 guest rooms and exclusive suites, an 80,000 square foot ornate ballroom, and is near having 20 restaurants inside 120,000 square feet. The Venetian’s theater is home to the Blue Man Group, and the casino offers more than 300 poker and additional table games as well as 3,086 machines. As one of the best Vegas casinos, the Venetian is simply stunning and remains accessible to all via a slew of economical vacation packages offering instantaneous luxury.

The best hotels and casinos in Las Vegas create an ambiance that exudes everything spectacular, yet doesn’t exclude anyone from absorbing the true nature of the city’s magnetism. These enormous enterprises rose from their beginnings because of the accumulation of the world’s wealthiest visitors, yes, but they also flourish on the loyalties of average, everyday people who want a piece of the action. Another of the top five largest casinos in Vegas, The Bellagio, facilitates this yearning with the presence of magnificent fountains, a spectacle among all passers by and one of the best-known Vegas attractions (they're free!). A look further inside, reveals a model that stays true to the luxury it flaunts and sticks with an equation that makes it one of the best; almost 4,000 hotel rooms, 20 bars and restaurants, 2,450 electronic machines, and more than 200 poker and table games brandished throughout 155,000 square feet of an utterly impressive design.

The very best casinos in Las Vegas can include many of the gigantic properties on the Strip. Beyond these already mention, others that vie for spots on the best list include Caesars Palace, Paris, New York New York, Mandalay Bay, Treasure Island and Mirage. It is hard to go wrong with any of these properties as you can either catch a great deal by visiting in the off season, or stay in absolute luxury in some of the most amazing suites found anywhere.

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