Caribbean Travel Destinations

The swaying rhythm of the islands, the blinding white sand, palm trees in the trade winds, the Caribbean calls even the hardest hearts to its shores. There are hundreds of islands in the sea simply waiting to let you in on their secrets - their heady combination of sun and European colonialism makes Caribbean travel destinations some of the most popular in the whole world. And since every island offers a unique experience, the top 10 Caribbean destinations are difficult to nail down. But let's try.


The most popular and well known of the many Caribbean travel destinations, this is the place to go if you are on a budget and don't want to do a lot of island hopping, or looking for generous resorts and the most traditional of Caribbean vacations.


Though Aruba is easily the most popular of the Caribbean travel destinations to the south, its eastern neighbor might make for a better vacation. More in tune with its Dutch heritage, the combination of a slower pace of life with better water sport options, Curacao is definitely near the head of the top 10 Caribbean destinations list.

St. Martin/St. Maarten

The island with two names (one for the French side and one for its Dutch counterpart) gives you access to two distinctive, but equally charming cultures. The main difference is the superiority of food in St. Martin and the better nightlife in St. Maarten. But it's not like the island is very large, you can easily get your fill of both sides on a short trip.

St. Bart's

Everything in the Caribbean screams upscale, but none louder than here. This is definitely not one of the best Caribbean destinations if you are on a strict budget, but St. Bart's is the Hollywood of the Gulf of Mexico, where the rich and beautiful go to play in the surf and sand.


Thanks to Caribbean airlines, the ability to island hop is a breeze, so if you'll have no excuse for missing one of the best Caribbean destinations in Guadeloupe. A nice mix of urbanization and unkempt banana groves, like all good Caribbean islands, Guadeloupe boasts excellent rum, some of the best dive sites imaginable, and a rough look into Creole culture and food.


Anyone who has seen Pirates of the Caribbean knows the rich natural beauty of the island of Dominica - it's where all three movies were filmed. This island is all forests and waterfalls, not to mention: monkeys. If you love getting back into the wilderness, this is definitely one of the top 10 Caribbean destinations.


If you can swing by this island during the yearly festival of Carnival, you will be greeted with one of the world's biggest parties - a swirling, interminable mix of rum, dancing and costumed celebration, Trinidad's revelry is bested only by Brazil's. The rest of the year finds Trinidad a worthy Caribbean travel destination, as it is the most strongly influenced by South America, giving it a distinctively regional feel that is wholly unique.


Another island that haphazardly swings between strikingly rural areas and upscale resorts depending on which street you turn down, the lazy British-influenced vibe that resounds through Anguilla is better felt than described. The fastest growing of any of the region's islands, it's clearly no secret that Anguilla is one of the best Caribbean destinations.


The forbidden island, as in the U.S. forbids you to get there from its soil. Hurdle this obstacle, though, and you will find a refreshing country that has, for the time being, remained relatively untouched by the world around it. Whether they can stave off globalization forever is yet to be seen, but whether you are hitting the famed dance clubs or dropping back mojitos, Cuba is easily one of the best Caribbean travel destinations.

St. Lucia

Like Dominica, St. Lucia stands out amongst Caribbean travel destinations due to its dedication to industries other than tourism. Hiking and diving are big draws here, and its white-sand beaches are on par with anything else in the Gulf of Mexico.



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