Casinos have forged ahead over the last 75 years since the first US casino, called Brown’s Saloon, was established in the early 1800 in Wyoming. Yet when looking back at the history of casinos, it’s clear the idea has been around for centuries. The very first wagers on animal racing and arena-based sporting events prove betting is an age-old pastime that has evolved incredibly over the centuries. Today, an overview of top casinos illustrates just how popular public gambling has become. The best casinos in the US prove how a simple idea can snowball into a billion dollar industry in just a short time. The fact is, there are few greater thrills for a bulk of the population than chancing the odds to win it big.

There is simply no discussing the best casinos in the US without bringing up Las Vegas, the Godfather of gaming. From extraordinary casinos like Venetian, with it’s stunning Italian-inspired design, to the Bellagio, which for many is the epitome of luxury, the City of Lights affords the classic, energetic, and thrilling pursuit of high-stakes gambling mixed with events, entertainment, and fine restaurants. Yet Vegas isn’t entirely exclusive. The incredible promotions and vacation deals offered throughout Las Vegas casinos are meant to attract all walks of life, and that they do on a massive scale.

Washington State might not catch the eye as a big-league player in the casino world, yet the more than 100 casinos proves there is plenty of acclaim to offer dozens of excellent casinos in the state. Washington casinos like Quinault Beach Resort and Casino offer a complete resort experience, which seems to be what more and more gaming fans are after. From Snoqualmie Casino to Tulalip, Washington State has surprisingly great options.

With more flash, and definitely more people, visiting for the large diversity of gaming action, New Jersey easily has some of the best casinos in the US. Atlantic City is the gaming hub and is quickly gaining on Las Vegas. This Northeast location attracts thousands of visitors to star casinos like Harrah’s where an astounding 4,000 gaming machines and classic table games are available.

Native American casinos are quickly growing in number. A look at casinos owned by Native American tribes shows a large number of states with huge constructions on reservation lands. Washington has numerous tribal-owned casinos as do Oklahoma and California. There is a large concentration of tribal-owned gaming establishments around the San Diego area, including Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino, Sycuan Resort and Casino, and Harrah's Rincon Casino.

Louisiana has also become a major player on the gaming scene. Louisiana, particularly Bossier City, presents many casino options, including popular Boomtown Casino and Resort. There are several excellent casinos in New Orleans, too, and though the hurricane definitely played a part in the slow-down of the gaming industry there, it did not stomp out the fervor. Today, the casinos in New Orleans are back up on their feet and gaining recognition on the world stage as top-notch facilities offering a Vegas-style experience in one very unique backdrop.

With an overview of the best states to find casinos in, narrowing down the options becomes a much simpler task. Creating entire vacations out of a simple casino visit is entirely possible with the hundreds of world-class casinos there are to choose from. Pursuing exciting table games, slot machines, and tournaments has been a fairly easy endeavor for quite some time, but with so many palatial casino complexes in the United States, it has never been easier to head straight from the casino floor to a sumptuous spa, first-rate restaurant, world-famous musical act, or celebrated golf course than it is today.

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