Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Cinco de Mayo celebrations happen throughout Mexico and the United States. The Mexican holiday commemorating the victory of Mexican patriots over the occupying French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 garners festivals and parades each year. Even though the holiday is Mexican in tradition, the influence of the Mexican culture is prevalent in many areas of the United States, particularly those with large Hispanic populations. Some of the best festivals for Cinco de Mayo are actually held on American soil in cities like San Jose and San Antonio. Embracing the rich Mexican history and unique culture are only part of the annual festivities that take place each year on the 5th of May.

If you are looking for a great 2022 Cinco de Mayo party while in Mexico, look no further than the state of Puebla. About 100 miles outside of Mexico City, this town was the site of the battle that is commemorated on Cinco de Mayo, and it is the primary location for the celebrations today, as Cinco de Mayo is not the same type of national holiday as is the independence celebration on September 16. The residents here celebrate in full force with a complete military reenactment of the battle, a celebratory parade featuring military figures, floats and dancers and lots of authentic Mexican Cinco de Mayo food. After the beginning festivities, locals take part in a party to the early hours of the morning filled with food, fun, music and dancing. If you want to experience the authentic Cinco de Mayo celebrations, look no further than the place where it all started.

If you can’t make the trip to Mexico to join in on the famous Cinco de Mayo party in Puebla, have no fear because the United States has plenty of options to choose from. Some of the best festivals for Cinco de Mayo 2022 are actually held here and serve as great outlets for Mexican Americans to show their rich past and culture. Some of the best Cinco de Mayo celebrations are held in Denver, Chicago, and San Jose. All three cities feature weekend-long festivities involving parades, live entertainment, cultural displays and authentic Mexican food. Cities in Texas, such as Austin and San Antonio, are also particularly well known for their Cinco de Mayo parties, due to the rich Mexican heritage in this part of the country.

If you are looking for a more involved Cinco de Mayo party, head to Portland, Oregon where the celebration lasts for three days and is filled with dancing, singing and fresh food. Each year thousands of people descend upon the beautiful city to join in the fun celebrate Mexico. The three days are packed with various venues that host performance after performance involving traditional Mexican mariachi bands, modern music and troupes displaying Mexican dancing in vibrant costumes. Another one of the best festivals for Cinco de Mayo is held in San Diego. With three different venues and a children’s stage, the two-day fiesta caters to people of all ages. There are local Mexican bands, reenactments of the Battle of Puebla and numerous vendors selling delicious food and traditional crafts. These parties are great ways for Americans to learn about and appreciate Mexican culture and heritage.

With various Cinco de Mayo celebrations to choose from throughout Mexico and the United States, everyone will be able to participate in the holiday. From Puebla and Mexico City to Denver and San Diego, there are dozens of way to celebrate, from watching traditional dancers and listening to mariachi music to enjoying traditional Mexican food.

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