Cinco de Mayo Activities

Cinco de Mayo activities are nothing short of fabulous, and though there are traditional elements always included, there is plenty of variety as well. Ranging from parades and food festivals to music and Cinco de Mayo crafts, those celebrating will have plenty to entertain them. There are hundreds of great recipes to be tested and brought to the table, songs and dances to learn, and vibrant costumes to create, so with plenty of things to do on Cinco de Mayo 2023 you won’t have any trouble filling the hours, even if your celebration lasts a full weekend.


One of the best activities for Cinco de Mayo is to attend one of the colorful and commemorative parades that are held annually on the 5th of May. Usually beginning in the morning on Cinco de Mayo, the majority of parades showcase people in traditional Mexican militia garb, a variety of school groups and troupes performing traditional Mexican dances, and an array of floats. The parades are mostly found in the Puebla state of Mexico, as well as Mexico City, and they’re also in various cities across the United States, with one of the largest being held. These outstanding parades are usually followed by a lively festival that showcases live music and traditional Mexican dancing. The festivals are also the time for vendors to set up and serve authentic Mexican food and traditional Cinco de Mayo crafts. Attending a festive parade is definitely one of the best things to do on Cinco de Mayo, as it gives outsiders an appreciation for Mexican history and culture.


Another great thing to do for Cinco de Mayo celebrations is to attend a reenactment of the Battle of Puebla of 1862. The reenactments of the battle that the holiday celebrates are commonly held in Mexico with the most famous being in Puebla and in the Penon de los Banos neighborhood of Mexico City. Volunteers dress up as Mexican troops and the invading French army and play out that battle when the Mexicans overcame the French and slowed their march towards Mexico City. Witnessing a reenactment of this great battle is one of the best Cinco de Mayo activities to participate in as it gives viewers a better understanding of this often misinterpreted holiday.


If you can’t make it out of the house and to one of the great celebrations for the increasingly popular holiday, there are plenty of 2023 Cinco de Mayo activities that you can do at home and for personal parties. Many people choose to make decorative sombreros or purchase them from a local costume store. The traditional Mexican hat is a unique symbol of the country and adds color and authenticity to any celebration. Another great idea is to purchase some traditional mariachi music and maracas for guests to use. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly Cinco de Mayo craft, you can make your own maracas using decorated Styrofoam cups filled with beans.


Don’t forget the food and drink! Traditional Mexican dishes are highlighted on Cinco de Mayo, which great recipes for dishes such as chilaquiles, tamales, plantain chips and fresh guacamole, tostadas, mole poblano, and Tres Leches cake. Along with the tequila, it’s also popular to buy Mexican beers such as Corona, Dos Equis, and Negro Modelo. With great food and plenty of things to do on Cinco de Mayo, there won’t be a dull moment, no matter where in North America you’re celebrating.

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Things To Do

Things To Do

Cinco de Mayo activities are nothing short of fabulous, and though there are ...

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