Independence Day Parades

Independence Day parades one of many Americans’ favorite festivities on the 4th of July. From small towns to big cities, 4th of July parades are one way that Americans gather to show their patriotism on this annual summer holiday. Other than parades, traditions include barbecues (typically with all-American hot dogs and hamburgers), fireworks, carnivals, and concerts. For kids who are scared of the loud sound of fireworks, parades can be a great way for families to participate in the festivities. The best 4th of July parade in the US is where you find yourself with your loved ones this year.

Independence Day parades come in many shapes and sizes. If you want to spend this holiday in a big city, New York City is a great option. With a variety of activities, including parades, fireworks, and concerts, you are sure to feel the patriotic fever in New York City. If you would rather spend the holiday somewhere with more ties to American history around the time of independence, head for Boston. This city has an annual Harborfest celebration that extends the party days before the 4th of July. Throughout the city of Boston and the suburbs there are many options for 2023 4th of July parades.

Some people would name the National Independence Day Parade in Washington DC the Best 4th of July parade in the US. It is only fitting that our nation’s capital city should have one of the best celebrations. If you’re planning on attending this parade, it begins at 11:45 am on Constitution Avenue. Hundreds of thousands of spectators arrive annually to see the bands, drum corps, balloons, drill teams, military, and celebrity participants. Continue your patriotic day in Washington DC but sticking around for the fireworks show. Seeing the Washington Monument lit up by fireworks will be a special moment.

Another city that puts together impressive Independence Day parades is Chicago. If you like your parades filled with floats, you’ll love the Chicago parade. Of all 4th of July parades, this one is a great choice for families. The beautiful city of Chicago is at its finest during the summer, and there are many restaurants, bars, and parks where you can continue your celebrations. Like other American cities, the full schedule of 4th of July activities in Chicago also includes fireworks, concerts, and other street entertainment. Don’t forget your red, white, and blue, and if you’re traveling with kids, bring the face paint along!

In true American tradition, sometimes the best 4th of July parade in the US isn’t in a city at all. Many small towns have groups who organize outstanding parades on the streets of their hometown. School bands, girl scouts, and veterans are often involved in these parades. The 4th of July is all about community, and to see small communities coming together to organize parades, carnivals, and fireworks shows is a great display of local teamwork. If you want to volunteer in your own community, enquire a few months in advance, usually there’s more planning than you might think to organize a quality 4th of July 2023 parade.

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