Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are an essential part of the holiday—as much as candy and pumpkins. Every year when October 31 rolls around, people leave behind their ordinary clothes and transform into something or someone new for Halloween. Some dress as their favorite pet, while others don a doctor’s lab coat or a nurse’s uniform. Others leave behind the realm of reality and become superheros. For others, it’s a chance to make a statement, tell a joke, up the sex appeal, or show off.

As much as dressing up has become a tradition, so has sharing Halloween costume pictures and snapshots of the decorations. If want some great snapshots for your scrapbook or Facebook page, it takes a little planning, but your time will be richly rewarded. Homemade Halloween costumes can look as great as ones purchased at the store—and sometimes even better. If you’re looking for a really clever costume, you’ll need to make it yourself or have it made by someone with some brilliant creative talent.

Halloween Costumes for Kids

There’s no denying that cute Halloween costumes make cute kids even cuter. Little ones can turn into lions, bumblebees, and the cutest little monkeys you’ve ever seen. Some of the cutest homemade Halloween costumes turn babies into pumpkins—you don’t need much more than an orange onesie and a green hat to turn junior into the great pumpkin.

Beyond the baby and toddler stage, many Halloween costume ideas involve their favorite characters from cartoons and movies. You’ll see a lot of yellow sponges, spunky explorers, and turtles skilled in the marshal arts out trick-or-treating. And plenty of Halloween costume pictures show little girls as princesses—just as they see themselves the other 364 days of the year.

Halloween Costumes for Women

Many of the Halloween costume ideas take something familiar and kick up the sex appeal. You’ll find plenty of sexy nurses, cats, and schoolgirls at Halloween parties. Other Halloween costume ideas include the spookier side of Halloween—October 31 is the perfect time to bring out your supernatural side as a witch, zombie, or that Halloween classic: a ghost.

Halloween Costumes for Men

Supernatural costumes also are popular for the guys—plenty of zombies lumber their way into Las Vegas Halloween parties. Dracula always has been a Halloween favorite, but some of the newer pop culture vampires like Edward from Twilight and Eric from True Blood, are becoming popular choices. Of course, if you don’t want to pick a costume from the spooky realm, there are many other choices. Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow is a popular costume inspiration, as are superheros and the long-time favorite, a gorilla suit.

Halloween Costumes for Couples

This is a great arena to let your creativity show, and things that come in pairs are natural choice for homemade Halloween costumes. With a little cutting and sewing, you could make two costumes for bacon and eggs, kings and queens or another traditional pair. If store-bought costumes are more your style, you’ll have plenty of choices, including Alice and the Mad Hatter, Batman and Robin, and even Brad and Angelina.

Cheap Halloween Costume

Not everyone has an extra $75 or $100 to drop on a costume, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get in one the fun. Some of the must fun or the most clever costumes don’t take a lot of cash to turn create. With just a dash of creativity and a little bit of time, you can make a great costume. A lot of costume contests give out prizes for the most creative costumes—and rarely are these costumes expensive.

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