Halloween Parties

Halloween parties give you the chance to celebrate with your friends. Some people want to celebrate at home, while others want to make travel plans to join in the fun. Parties havens like Las Vegas and Key West host some big parties at the end October, and even sedate towns and suburbs have parties and harvest festivals. And still others want to host the party themselves or hang out at a friend’s house. No matter your style, you’ll find some ideas for Halloween fun below.

Halloween Party Games

Halloween Parties
Halloween Parties

If you’ve decided to throw a Halloween party, you’ll need to plan more than just food and music. The best Halloween parties have some fun thrown in the mix. The best games depend on the type of the party and the age of people in attendance, although some games are fun no matter for kids of all ages. Some of the classics, like bobbing for apples or scavenger hunts, are always fun. Halloween costume contests can also add some fun to a party.

Halloween Props

Once you have the game idea in place, it will help to gather some Halloween props. Of course pumpkins are the traditional Halloween decorations, and they’re readily available at grocery stores and farm stands everywhere. Other essential props depend on the theme of the party, but it helps to have some good music and some decorations. If you’re looking for some cute Halloween party ideas, you’ll find plenty of friendly ghosts, cute black cats, and smiling jack o’ lanterns to hang around the house. If scares are more your style, a host of macabre and mysterious decorations are a must, including full plastic skeletons, which can be cheaper than you might think.

In the last few years, outdoor decorations have become more and more popular. Inflatable pumpkins, monsters, and other decorations are popping up in yards everywhere, placed alongside scarecrows. If you’re a DIY-kind of person, it would be fun to make some decorations—tombstones and ghosts aren’t that hard to make and they really add to the ambiance.

Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food
Halloween Food

As essential as the games and the props, Halloween food turns a get-together into a party. Beyond bowls of candy, creative cooks can serve Halloween-themed treats. Try dirt pudding—complete with gummy worms—orange and black cupcakes, or cakes in the shapes of ghosts and ghouls. Pumpkins are a versatile backdrop to Halloween parties—they’re in abundance in October and always a favorite in baked goods. A bowl full of roasted pumpkin seeds provides a healthy and tasty treat. The pumpkins themselves, if they’re not turned into carved works of art, can be hollowed out and used as serving bowls.

Even the food can be spooky on Halloween. Plenty of kids have squealed and screamed as they don a blindfold and tasted virtual eyeballs and brains, typically grapes and spaghetti. A witch’s brew can be made with all kinds of ingredients and it’s a wonderful accompaniment to any Halloween meal. For adults-only parties, you can add a kick to the punch with your favorite spirit, which seems appropriate for Halloween. Wine mulled with spices in a pot can create wonderful smells at your party as well as provide an alternate beverage.

Halloween Parties for Kids

Halloween party ideas for kids can be a lot of fun. Everyone likes to be scared, and even kids will enjoy a good ghost story. Young kids might enjoy working on a Halloween craft or going trick-or-treating in a group. Some favorite kids’ games can be recast, like duck-duck-goose transformed into bat-bat-vampire. It just takes some imagination to have some fun at your Halloween party.

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