Memorial Day Parades

Watching or taking part in one of the Memorial Day parades held throughout the nation on this US holiday is one of the best ways to commemorate those who fell in defense of America and its values. Many parades involve veterans of armed conflicts throughout American history, and can be a significant way to remember the meaning of Memorial Day. Marching bands, marching military units, including wounded soldiers from past and present wars, music festivals, and Memorial Day fireworks all make this day a memorable and unique family holiday.

Arguably the best Memorial Day parade is held annually in Washington D.C. Hosted by the American Veterans Center, the National Memorial Day Parade honors soldiers who have served in all American wars from the Revolutionary War to the present-day conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. For many years, Washington D.C. did not have a parade on Memorial Day, until it was revived in 2005 by the American Veterans' Center. It is now an immensely popular event, with crowds of more than 250,000 people turning out annually to celebrate the event. The parade includes military bands, choruses, and floats carrying famous veterans, including some returning from recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, focusing on the true meaning of Memorial Day: remembering the soldiers who were killed or injured while serving the country.

If you're looking for some spectacular Memorial Day 2023 fireworks, you might want to head to Atlanta for Memorial Day Weekend. The Memorial Day Salute to the Troops in Stone Mountain Park is a popular family attraction. After playing on the rides in the park all day, kids will enjoy the spectacular combination of Memorial Day fireworks and a laser light show at night. This patriotic performance highlights important events and heroes who served in armed conflicts in the past.

There are many other Memorial Day parades held in many US cities that celebrate the meaning of Memorial Day. In New York, Memorial Day coincides with Fleet Week, when hundreds of soldiers arrive on ships and spend the week celebrating in New York. Don't miss the parade of ships as they arrive in the week before Memorial Day weekend. New York also has several Memorial Day parades in a few of its neighborhoods. Chicago has one of the largest Memorial Day parades in the country. Marching bands from local high schools, a drum and bugle corps, groups of marching soldiers, and ceremonies honoring veterans, are all part of the Chicago Memorial Day Parade. The event also includes a wreath-laying ceremony.

No matter where you are, attending a 2023 Memorial Day parade can be a great way to celebrate this significant national holiday with the whole family, as almost every major city in the US has some kind of parade or event going on in honor of the day. While the parades are festive and fun, seeing the soldiers and veterans marching in the parades is a reminder of how much our soldiers have sacrificed, and is sure to inspire a deep sense of respect for these heroes.

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