St Patrick’s Day in Birmingham

Travelers may be surprised to learn that St Patrick’s Day in Birmingham is the third-largest celebration of the Irish holiday in the world, after only Dublin and New York City. All-day entertainment, music, and every imaginable green costume combine at the Birmingham St Patrick’s Day Parade. Developing over the years from a modest celebration of the most famous patron saint of Ireland to one of the largest celebrations in the world, a Birmingham England Saint Patrick’s Day is sure to be full of fun and surprises.

Similar to cities in the US such as Boston or Chicago, St Patrick’s Day 2023 in Birmingham is celebrated the Sunday closest to March 17. This format allows the most people possible the opportunity to come out and enjoy the Birmingham St Patrick’s Day parade. The entertainment begins around noon, when floats, decorated buses, marching bands, horses, pipers, flag bearers, and even leprechauns riding tractors take to the streets of Birmingham. The two-hour parade is broadcast live on television, so even if you can’t make it to the streets, you can still experience a Birmingham England Saint Patrick’s Day.

After the Birmingham St Patrick’s Day Parade concludes around 2 pm, the afternoon entertainment begins. Bradford Street is home to live, open-air, free entertainment. The festive atmosphere of the parade continues with musical acts, local bands, and even magicians and clowns. Be sure to bring the kids along, as there are plenty of activities designed just for them. An indoor market is a great place to stock up on Irish goods, and there are plenty of food and drink options as well. From a kids’ disco to entertainment acts that combine music and comedy, St Patrick’s Day in Birmingham promises to be multifaceted.

Since 1996 the parade has been an exciting celebration of Ireland’s national holiday. Thousands of spectators spend their Birmingham England Saint Patrick’s Day watching the procession march down the high street and towards the bullring. The tradition has developed over the years, and the parade now includes some of the most impressive floats and marching bands in all of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations from across the globe. Members of the UK’s Irish dance schools are a favorite element of the festivities, and in recent years the parade has expanded to include a variety of cultural groups playing their own traditional music.

Community groups are at the core of the parade, and play an important role in bringing the holiday to life. The daytime festivities are great entertainment for families, but the fun doesn’t end there. After the parade and the afternoon entertainment, the fun continues in local Irish pubs. St Patrick’s Day 2023 wouldn’t be complete without a pint of Guinness or maybe even an Irish coffee. Expect the live musical entertainment to continue at the pubs as well. Don’t forget your costume, face paint, silly green hats, and symbols of Irish pride—the spectators get just as into the festivities as the participants of the parade in Birmingham.

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