St Patrick’s Day in Galway

St Patrick’s Day in Galway is for you if you’re looking to get away from the tourists and crowds in Dublin and enjoy a more intimate celebration. This Irish city is smaller, brighter, and some people might even say more genuine. The cobbled, narrow lanes are the perfect place for the Galway St Patrick’s Day parade. It will be impossible not to celebrate with local people, traditional music, authentic food, and a general feeling that you’ve surrounded yourself with the culture where this holiday began. Prepare yourself to fall in love with the city, from the St Patrick’s Galway parade to welcoming pubs.

Some visitors may think that if you’ve traveled all the way to Ireland, than the holiday should be spent in the capital city of Dublin. While Dublin has incredible festivities, music, and an impressive parade, it also lacks some of the country charm that places outside of the city exude. St Patrick’s Day 2023 in Galway is a perfect compromise. The small city maintains its charms and is surrounded with natural beauty, while all the cosmopolitan offerings of a major festival are still on offer. Crowds in Galway will be manageable and full of local people and students who have come together to honor the patron saint of Ireland.

The Galway St Patrick’s Day parade is a favorite event among locals and visitors alike. For more than 100 years the parade has brought a carnival atmosphere to the streets of Galway. Dance groups, pipers, and marching bands delight crowds of at least 50,000 people who line the parade route for a glimpse. The St Patrick’s Galway parade has developed significantly since it first took to the city streets in 1903, with just 10,000 spectators to enjoy the festivities. Some visitors may be surprised at the international feel of the parade but will be enchanted by the quality of the performers who have arrived from around the world to participate in the Galway St Patrick’s Day parade.

The St Patrick’s Galway parade covers a route of one and a half miles and usually begins about 12:30 pm. After the parade is finished, the festivities are just beginning. Pubs and theaters will be filled with traditional music, dance, and singing. While some of the best options will require purchasing tickets in advance, it is also possible to wander off the street and into a pub for a listen. Be sure to watch how the expert bartender correctly pours a perfect pint of Guinness, and ask him for his recommendation on dinner, and once your delicious plate of fish and chips or fresh Irish oysters is wiped clean, be sure to thank him for the recommendation.

St Patrick’s Day in Galway is a very popular event, and hotels fill up quickly. If you plan your trip in advance, affordable flights, transportation, and hotels and hostels can be found—but remember, Galway is much smaller than the capital city of Dublin, and therefore, simply doesn’t have as many hotel rooms. Alternatively, book a room in one of the neighboring coastal towns, and head into Galway for the parade and music during the day. Spending St Patrick’s Day 2023 in Ireland is guaranteed to be a special experience, and this lively city in the west is sure to deliver on character, atmosphere, and festivities.

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