St Patrick’s Day in New Orleans

St Patrick’s Day in New Orleans gives the city another excuse to party. Although the Irish holiday in mid-March closely follows the Mardi Gras festivities that take over the city, locals still have the energy to embrace another celebration. The New Orleans St Patrick’s Day parade is a central part of the revelry, as well as an excellent all-day block party for people who can’t look at one more float. For visitors who are interested in celebrating the religious side of the holiday, it is possible to attend Mass before the parade and other festivities begin in the afternoon. Saint Patrick’s Day 2023 New Orleans is an experience not to be missed!

Some of the festivities are run by the Irish Channel St Patrick’s Day Club, who begin their celebration with an annual mass at 12:30 in St Mary’s Assumption Church. The New Orleans St Patrick’s Day parade follows at 1 pm and begins at Felicity and Magazine streets, proceeding through the Irish Channel. This celebration takes place on the closest weekend to March 17, so the exact date varies each year. If you’re planning on spending your St Patrick’s Day in New Orleans this year, check to make sure you are planning your trip for the correct weekend.

There are plenty of activities on March 17 as well to honor the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day New Orleans wouldn’t be complete without the block party at Annunciation Square. From 10 am until 6 pm on the annual holiday, this block party gathers locals and visitors for food, music, green beer, and dancing. Proceeds from the event benefit a local charity—meaning that your fun afternoon will also do some good in the community. With the two major events, the parade and the block party, scheduled for different days, it is possible to keep the Saint Patrick’s Day New Orleans celebration going throughout your trip!

The city may not need an excuse to keep the drinks flowing, but St Patrick’s Day in New Orleans provides one. Similar to other celebrations in the US and beyond, such as Boston, Vancouver, or Chicago, expect green beer, pints of Guinness, and even shots of Jameson to feature prominently at bars. Around March 17, every bar in New Orleans feels Irish as they embrace Irish music, drink, and dancing. If you’re in town for the holiday, you won’t have to search very hard for great atmosphere, but Parasol’s Bar is especially well-known for their excellent green beer.

The 2023 New Orleans St Patrick’s Day parade may be just another event in the city where people take to the street in dazzling costumes and play music, but this event is still distinctly Irish. Annual celebrations have been enjoyed in New Orleans for more than 50 years, and while this may not be one of the oldest celebrations in the States—the New York City celebration is more than 200 years old—it is still one of the country’s most festive. If you’re looking for a fun place to spend this St Patrick’s Day and you can’t make it all the way to Ireland, New Orleans is great place to pull up a stool for a pint of Irish ale.


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