St Patrick’s Day in Savannah

St Patrick’s Day in Savannah wins the award for largest annual celebration of the year in the city. Unlike other cities where the festivities last for one afternoon and one parade, Savannah Georgia St Patrick’s Day 2022 is a celebration spread out over several days. Numerous locals and an estimated half a million visitors flock to the streets of Savannah to celebrate the Irish holiday. Some festival enthusiasts compare this event to Mardi Gras, as many people are celebrating and drinking in the streets, and the atmosphere is generally very lively. The warm weather also makes outdoor activities, such as the Savannah St Patrick’s Day Parade, more fun than parades in cold northern cities of Boston or New York.

First celebrated in 1813, St Patrick’s Day in Savannah has a long history. While the parade is the central event, many activities and other events are also planned leading up to parade day. Visitors often arrive days before the Savannah St Patrick’s Day parade is scheduled to enjoy the revelry. While not all events at the Savannah Georgia St Patrick’s Day celebration are appropriate for families, parents can certainly find activities that are suitable to include their kids. Family-friendly events tend to be scheduled during the day, and by night a more rowdy atmosphere takes over the steamy streets of Savannah.

If you’re planning on attending St Patrick’s Day 2022 in Savannah, be sure to book your hotel in advance. As this is an extremely popular event, hotel rooms in the historic district are booked very far in advance, and most hotel rooms in the entire city are reserved by the beginning of March. If you’re having trouble booking a hotel, you may want to look into a short term rental or holiday apartment. These options provide great value and can help you to keep the cost of your trip low by letting you stock your fridge and cook some of your own meals. In general, however, Savannah is an affordable city, and meals won’t break the bank.

One of the favorite aspects of the Savannah Georgia St Patrick’s Day celebration is dyeing of the fountains in Forsyth Park. Similar to dyeing the river green in Chicago, but on a much smaller scale of course, the fountains in the famous Savannah park are dyed emerald green. This activity can be enjoyed by families, as can the Tara Feis Irish Celebration in Emmet Park, which features music and dancing, food, and crafts. If you want to celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday, a Mass is celebrated held at 8 am on March 17 at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

The most anticipated activity of the celebration is the Savannah St Patrick’s Day parade. Beginning at 10:15 am in the historic district, the parade will make you glad you booked your hotel room early and are based in the center of the action. After the parade, both River Street and City Market keep the atmosphere alive with live entertainment and Irish souvenirs on sale. Both locations are great for an early evening stroll and manage to combine site seeing with music, food, and other St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

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