St Patrick’s Day in Vancouver

For one of the newest celebrations in North America, spend St Patrick’s Day in Vancouver. What this festival doesn’t have in history it makes up for in fun. From the Vancouver St Patrick’s Day parade to the Vancouver Celtic Fest, the city is full of unique opportunities to combine entertainment with learning about the Celtic culture. The celebrations may not have been officially organized until the 21st century, but the Irish pubs of Vancouver succeeded in providing great atmosphere throughout the years. Now with an official festival and variety of musical entertainment, Vancouver is quickly becoming one of the best places to celebrate Ireland’s national holiday.

St Patrick’s Day in Vancouver manages to expose visitors to a variety of aspects of Celtic culture. Beyond the parade there is dance, theater, spoken word, music, crafts, and even sports. It has become clear in the past decade that the Vancouver Celtic Fest is serious about bringing these elements of Celtic culture into the city. By combining traditional celebrations such as St Patrick's Day parades and food and drink with more creative ways of celebrating the Irish holiday, the Vancouver Celtic Fest has succeeded in their mission to bring together the local community while delivering education on heritage and cultural traditions.

The 2023 Vancouver St Patrick’s Day Parade takes place the weekend closest to March 17. Beginning at 11:30 am, the procession will travel from Georgia Street to Broughton Street to Howe Street. The parade is organized by the nonprofit organization that oversees Celtic Fest and features floats, music, and dance. More than 2,000 people marched in the parade in 2008, and the whole festival is run and organized by volunteers. A true love for the Celtic culture is seen by these volunteers who give up their free time to ensure that the community has a great St Patrick’s Day.

Vancouver Celtic Fest is a five-day festival, so why not stay in BC a little longer this March? With more than 60 performances and events spread over the five days, there will never be a shortage of things to do during your St Paddy's Day trip. The festival is light on the wallet as well, with at least 70 percent of these events being free. Thanks to the support of local businesses and the government, the cost of Celtic Fest has stayed affordable for both locals and visitors. Many of these events are family friendly, and kids are always thrilled with the Vancouver St Patrick’s Day parade.

Whether you want to taste scotch or listen to live music, spending St Patrick’s Day 2023 in Vancouver will satisfy just about any craving. Wander through Celtic Village for shopping temptations under the tents or attend a lunchtime concert for some entertainment in the middle of the day. Your trip to Vancouver will not only be entertaining, but educational as well, as visitors come away from Celtic Fest with a new appreciation and knowledge about the heritage, customs, and current art forms that continue to keep Celtic culture in the limelight.


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