Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl tickets are hot commodities. So much so, that demand always outweighs supply. What this means for people who wish to attend the big game is that buying well in advance is the best way to go. Wait until the last minute, and it’s all but guaranteed that you will either be left out in the cold or have to pay an inflated price. In addition to purchasing in advance, those who are interested in attending the NFL’s grandest spectacle are encouraged to keep an eye out for Super Bowl ticket packages. These packages include more than just tickets and can take a lot of the stress out of planning Super Bowl vacations. Also worth noting are the single tickets that are available for Super Bowl-related events, such as media day and VIP parties.

Media Day Tickets

Media Day Tickets
Media Day Tickets  Image: John Newberry (flickr)

On the Tuesday before Super Bowl Sunday, the stadium that is set to play host to the big game hosts another interesting event. This event is known as Media Day. Players from both teams are interviewed, sometimes by media members who are peculiarly dressed in order to seek attention. The event in general is somewhat of a circus, and it is all but guaranteed that certain players will say something either funny or controversial. Until recently, fans were not permitted to attend the Media Day processions. That changed in 2012 when the NFL decided to sell tickets for the Media Day at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Due to the success of the endeavor, the NFL is poised to allow fans to attend future Media Day events. Tickets for Media Day can be purchased on their own or can be included in Super Bowl ticket packages.

Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl Parties
Super Bowl Parties  Image: Triple Tri (flickr)

During the week leading up to the Super Bowl, various parties are thrown in the city that is playing host to the grand game. There’s also the NFL Experience, which is a football theme park of sorts. For Super Bowl 2013, which is being held in New Orleans, the parties include such examples as the Celebrity Sweat Kickoff Party and the Ultimate Super Bowl Tailgate Party. At the various parties, it is common to catch a glimpse of or even rub elbows with celebrities. If you can’t manage to secure tickets to the actual game, attending one of the Super Bowl parties on its own can create enough memories to last a lifetime. As for the NFL Experience, it is set up in the Morial Convention Center and features an impressive variety of attractions and activity options. Many of the NFL Experience attractions and activities cater specifically to kids.

Super Bowl Hotels

Super Bowl Hotel Tickets
Super Bowl Hotel Tickets

Super Bowl tickets can often be purchased in conjunction with hotel rooms. This is good news for out of towners who need a place to stay before and after the big game. Among the various New Orleans hotels that are included in the various ticket and hotel packages for the 2013 Super Bowl are such examples as the Drury Inn & Suites, the Astor Crowne (pictured), the Clarion Inn & Suites, the Maison St. Charles, and the Ritz Carlton New Orleans. There are others to consider as well, and those who have a specific hotel in mind can always check to see if customized packages are available.

Super Bowl Parking Passes

Fans who are planning on driving to or at least near the Superdome for the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans are encouraged to purchase parking passes in advance. Having a guaranteed parking spot can certainly take a lot of stress out of things. The closer to the stadium, the more expensive the tickets tend to be. Tickets that include immediate access to tailgating areas can also command higher prices. Many of the available parking passes allow the purchaser to park at their designated spot well before the game starts and well after it ends. This is very convenient, as traffic around gametime is likely to be hectic. Generally speaking, Super Bowl parking passes range from around $25 to $300.

Super Bowl Ticket Packages

Super Bowl Ticket Packages
Super Bowl Ticket Packages  Image: bilinkis (flickr)

Super Bowl ticket packages come in a variety of different forms, and some are more complete than others. The more complete examples include such things as game tickets, party passes, accommodations, passes for the NFL Experience, information guides, transfers, and official souvenirs. Corporations and other groups who can afford them can also consider the Super Bowl ticket packages that include access to luxury suites at the Superdome.

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