Family Vacation Destinations

Nothing builds memories like a family vacation, and setting up with your kids in tow can be quite a rewarding, if not challenging, adventures. Though most every location is arranged to cater to families as well as single travelers, there are some family vacation destinations that are head and shoulders above the rest.

If you can afford the admission prices, both Disneyland and Disneyworld promise to be amongst the best family vacation destinations available. You will never find a child who didn't enjoy the theme parks, and there are plenty of rides and activities to engage adults. But if you are already a child at heart, you should have no problem enjoying either one. Both also have nearby family attractions too - both are within close proximity of a Universal Studios (there's one in Orlando, too) plus both are within major urban areas that offer a wealth of other family friendly things to do.

Along the same lines, Legoland is another great place for family travel. The California location is just an hour south of Disneyland, adding just another reason to head to the coast. Or, if you are feeling like making a big trip of it, the original Legoland sits in the city of Billund, Denmark.

Sometimes the best family vacation destinations aren't the most obvious. But beaches and resorts are usually safe bets when it comes to keeping all members occupied and happy. Families are all over both coasts, even in adult-centered cities like Miami. Going to Hawaii is like taking your family on an exotic vacation, while staying on familiar ground. Honolulu has space for everyone, whether you prefer sunbathing, water sports, or just splashing around in the warm Pacific. Key West offers many of the same pleasures, and can be less expensive than Hawaii, depending on where you are coming from. Taking a Caribbean cruise is perfect for family travel, too, with new and different locations each day, and the soothing ocean and cruise activities to keep everyone happy.

If you want to expose your family to the world outside America, a family European vacation can be a great way to bring everyone closer together. Though usually the turf of backpackers and experienced travelers, Europe can still be one of the best family vacation destinations, especially as it's home to some of the top travel destinations on the globe. The dynamics will be a bit more complicated, so you may want to keep your daily travel times to a minimum, seeing more of just a few countries instead of trying to take a whirlwind trip across the continent.



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