Fall Foliage Map

A fall foliage map, which can be accessed on a number of websites, is an excellent resource for travelers planning an autumn color vacation. Much of the most colorful foliage displays can often be found in the northeast United States, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York. Driving tours are a great way to satisfy an autumn foliage experience, ranging all over the country, from New England to the Smokey Mountains to the vast West. Vermont fall foliage is quite possibly the most famous, although New Hampshire receives more visitors because of the easy highway access from Boston.

Some of the best places to see fall foliage outside of New England include Colorado, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Connecticut, Missouri, and Vermont. Several ships and yachts traverse the waters of the Hudson River, offering a relaxing view of the fall foliage along the river.  Generally, Hudson River cruises last the entire day, boarding early to mid morning, providing a variety of amenities and activities, including meals and excursions, depending on the purchased itinerary.

Vibrant colorful scenery, waterfalls, quaint villages, and charming lighthouses line the shores of New England. Cruises between Boston and Canada impart a relaxing jaunt up and down the coast, lasting from five to eleven days with land tours and expeditions at a number of ports, where guests of the cruise can enjoy the local cuisine, museums, and the splendor of nature on trails and paths through the forests and along the coastline.

In addition to the traditional American vacation, fall foliage can be experienced across the globe, including and especially in northern European and Scandinavian countries, such as France, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, and even Italy. While the autumn display of leaves is spectacular around the world, the phenomenon of foliage colors is quite different in Europe as opposed to the States; in Europe the main palette consists of fiery yellows, while on the other side of the earth, the colors generally tend to gravitate towards vibrant reds and oranges.  

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