Lollapalooza is one of the most famous annual music festivals in the world. With a lineup of a variety of music, this festival has been taking place in locations around the world since the early 1990s, and Lollapalooza Festival 2023 looks to continue this pattern.

Lollapalooza Music

Lollapalooza Lineup
Lollapalooza Lineup  Image: swimfinfan (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

Lollapalooza 2023 features a variety of music types, including alternative rock, punk rock, hip hop, heavy metal, and even mainstream rock. It is also an acting platform for political and nonprofit groups. The festival is known to have exposed an array of bands to the world, many of which went on to enjoy monumental success. Some of these bands include Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Lady Gaga—all who were relatively unknown until their Lollapalooza Festival performances. The festival is also famous for popularizing grunge, alternative music, crowd-surfing, and mosh pits.

Lollapalooza History

Perry Farrell is the muse behind the Lollapalooza Festival. He, along with several others, designed and debuted it in 1991 as farewell music tour for Farrell's band Jane's Addiction. His original vision sprouted the fervor now seen when Lollapalooza tickets go on sale. Think of Lollapalooza Festival as the equivalent of vacation packages, but one where you get to see dozens of bands over the course of three days, rather than one band for one (often) hefty price. Freak shows, complementary stages, art shows, and more are also featured.

The festival began in 1990, created specifically as a touring festival featuring dates in top travel destinations across Canada and the United States. This bred major popularity for the tour. For seven years, Lollapalooza tickets have sold out quickly after release. 1997 was the festivals last touring year. All operations subsequently ceased due to several reasons but mainly the decline of alternative music. A comeback in 2003 was achieved by a consortium of independent music show promoters from Texas who breathed new life into Lollapalooza with a major show in Chicago. In 2004, all dates were cancelled due to low ticket sales, but the year after, the festival's steam picked back up and it has now expanded into Chile.

Tickets to Lollapalooza

Tickets to Lollapalooza are available as single day tickets, which will get you in to the specific festival day of your choosing. The alternative for one-day Lollapalooza tickets is the three-day pass, a staple for many concert-goers. The pass is available in three categories: Early Bird, Advanced, and Regular with Early Bird being the cheapest of all Lollapalooza tickets. General Admission Single Day Passes are available for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and each cost the same. There are also three-day VIP Passes, as well as Lolla Travel Packages, which include a hotel in the specific city, festival tickets, and merchandise.

Unlike other music festivals, such as Warped Tour, which are often in remote venues, Lollapalooza Festival generally opens in a large, central location such as an outdoor amphitheater or city park, like Grant Park in Chicago, easily accessible by public metro or taxi. If you're coming from out of town, buying flights, train tickets, or arranging car rentals is the way to go. A map of the city is all that's necessary to find your way to the music.

Hotels near Lollapalooza

Each year, Lollpalooza debuts in an urban city striving to remain easily accessible to all. With a city location, organize a stay in one of the local city hostels for a budget-friendly stay or arrange a room in a nearby hotel. Some people heading in to the specific city for a weekend with a group of friends opt to rent an apartment or house that can accommodate several people. In previous years Lollapalooza has had tour dates at venues such as Ohio's Blossom Music Center in Cleveland, Arizona's Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, and Ionia County Fairgrounds in Grand Rapids where hotels are readily available.

Image: Cambria Harkey
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