Florida Travel Destinations

Florida travel destinations gain a lot of attention each year, especially as the long months of winter drag on. The sunny skies and warm temperatures of Florida lure many travelers to the beaches, historical towns, and amusement parks of this state. The best part about a trip to Florida is that it can be very affordable, with value in airfare, accommodation, and entertainment. If you’re looking for Florida travel ideas, read on to discover some of the top reasons that people are attracted to the Sunshine State year after year.

Some Florida travel destinations are popular and well known: Miami, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale, among other hot spots. What many people often don’t consider when they book a trip to Florida is that each of these places has its own distinct character and is often a far drive from the others. If you’re looking for the hottest restaurants, shopping, and nightclubs than choose Miami Beach. If you’re traveling with a family, avoid the party scene in Miami at all costs and choose a more family-friendly location such as Orlando or Fort Lauderdale. Orlando also has much to offer beyond Disney World and theme parks, and from water slides to shopping malls, it's a great family vacation destination.

There are many Florida travel ideas if you’re looking for some place simply to relax. Naples, located on the west coast of Florida is known for its relaxed pace, quiet beaches, cozy restaurants, and golf courses. In the northern section of the state, Pensacola draws couples looking for a relaxing getaway. Both sides of the Florida coast, along with the Florida Keys, are full of options for relaxing. Some travelers might be looking for a place that has both opportunities to relax and to enjoy some nightlife. Key West is a favorite of many while others love Daytona Beach.

Another popular reason to plan a trip is a destination wedding in Florida. You won’t have to worry about any rain on your wedding day if you choose to get married in the Sunshine State, and it makes a great honeymoon destination as well. Couples also won’t have to wait out the winter to get married; they can plan a destination wedding in Florida during any month of the year! These weddings also don’t run into the same complications as planning an event abroad regarding marriage licenses and other legal and logistical issues. Wedding locations vary according to the taste and preferences of the couple, so go ahead and choose between a stylish hotel on South Beach or a historic home in an orange grove—they are all options.

The one time not to plan a destination wedding in Florida is late summer, when both heat and hurricane season might put a damper on your big day. Hurricanes have plagued many Florida travel destinations, but fortunately, a great number of people still travel during the winter months. If you need to stick to a budget, try booking an all-inclusive resort. These Florida travel ideas will bring together the price of accommodation, meals, some drinks, and entertainment. If you have a case of the winter blues, there are many destinations in Florida that will remind you that the warmth of spring and summer is just around the corner!

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