Top 10 Holiday Destinations

The top 10 holiday destinations change from year to year, meaning there are plenty of new options for travel enthusiasts. If you’re looking for new holiday destination ideas, get ready to be tempted by a variety of choices. It’s a big world, and as a result of affordable airfare, new hotels, and creative travel professionals, the world is truly your oyster. Whether you’ve dreamed of taking a cruise through the Norwegian fjords or standing in the Red Square in Moscow, now is the time to make your dream holiday come true. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cheap holiday destination, many far flung locales have recently become affordable. Shake up your holiday routine and this year visit somewhere new and interesting.

Every year Europe is consistently highly rated on lists of top 10 holiday destinations. The combination of culture, cuisine, history, and safety makes Europe very desirable for travelers. From the ruins of ancient Rome in Italy to World War II history in Berlin, there is always more to learn across this continent. If your idea of a holiday includes beaches, there are plenty of those in Europe as well. From famous locations in the south of France and the coast of Italy to newly discovered spots along the coast of Croatia, there are many places to soak up some sunshine. Explore the Greek islands or venture into the Turquoise Coast in Turkey for even more beach destination options.

There are many excellent holiday destination ideas within the US as well. Many travelers have discovered that what these destinations lack in languages and ancient history they make up for in culture. From Nashville, Tennessee, to New Orleans, Louisiana, there are many places in the continental US that will provide a perfect escape. History-lovers will be enchanted by the antebellum homes of Savannah, Georgia, while art enthusiasts will enjoy the galleries of San Francisco. Learn about American history in Philadelphia, or gaze into the Grand Canyon. If you’re looking for a cheap holiday destination, there are options in the States as well. The South is generally more affordable than the northern states, and once you leave places such as New York City or California, prices become much more reasonable.

If finding a cheap holiday destination is your top priority, you might want to turn to nature and camping. Outdoor family holidays are sure to make lasting memories, from days spent fishing and swimming to more organized activities such as horse back riding or white water rafting. From Lake Tahoe to Jackson Hole Wyoming, the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Appalachian Trail, there are places throughout the US that will bring you back to nature. For the cost of a tank of gas and a campsite, you can still treat your family or friends to a break from the chaos of everyday life. Pitch a tent in New Hampshire, explore the Great Smoky Mountains, or get to know the US National Park system for an affordable and enjoyable trip.

Other more exotic holiday destination ideas have been gaining more attention from the media. Central and South America for example, have become major players in the travel game, especially in the past few decades as luxurious hotels have been built and political struggles have subsided. Argentina, Brazil, and Peru are growing in popularity for their culture and their history. The ancient Mayan ruins of Mexico are drawing steady crowds as well. Some places are new to the list of top 10 holiday destinations, such as Egypt, Eastern Europe, the islands of the South Pacific, and even Antarctica. Wherever your travel desires take you, from a cruise in the Mediterranean to exploring the Australian outback, you are sure to discover another place to add to your list during your travels!



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