Grand Lido Resorts

The Grand Lido brand of resorts was launched in 1989, and its popularity has remained such that even as the number of properties has dwindled, the brand still draws the interest of travelers looking for a luxury getaway. The first of its properties was the Grand Lido Negril, followed by the Grand Lido Braco and the Grand Lido Sans Souci. Each of these resorts was known for being a fun, all-inclusive retreat where guests could enjoy Caribbean bliss with little to worry about. Alas, the Grand Lido brand is no longer offered by the parent company, SuperClubs; these days, all the resorts have either been closed or rebranded, without Grand Lido in the name.

The SuperClubs collection of hotels currently revolves around three different brands. These brands are the Breezes Resorts & Spas, the adults-only Hedonism Resorts, and the smaller hotels brand that is known simply as Rooms. As for fans of the former Grand Lido brand, it may have been dropped, but the other SuperClubs brands have plenty to offer. Also, the all inclusive plans are labeled as being “Super-Inclusive,” so there isn’t much that the guest has to concern themselves with after they pay their upfront fee.

Grand Lido Braco

Grand Lido Braco
Grand Lido Braco

The former Grand Lido Braco was a popular Jamaican resort that was best known for its village setting. Eventually, it became the Breezes Resort & Spa Rio Bueno, and while the property remained popular among Caribbean travelers, it was decided that this resort would close indefinitely. One of the things that the Breezes version of this resort was best known for was its au naturel facilities. Rumor has it that whoever purchases the property might be looking to convert it into a more family-friendly resort. In the meantime, other possibilities for the northern coast of the island include the resorts at Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay.

Grand Lido Negril

Grand Lido Resorts
Grand Lido Resorts

The Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa had a history of being referred to as the flagship of the SuperClubs Super-Inclusive resorts chain. These days, the property is still very much the flagship property of this chain, though it now has a different name: the Breezes Grand Resort & Spa Negril. A wonderful Jamaica resort that is appropriate for all ages, the Breezes Grand Resort Spa Negril enjoys a fantastic beachfront location on the southwest shore of the island and offers all kinds of fun activity options. Worth noting is the fact that there are other inviting Breezes Resorts in Jamaica, and travelers can also find examples in Brazil, the Bahamas, and Curacao.

Grand Lido Sans Souci

Grand Lido Sans Souci
Grand Lido Sans Souci (now Couples Sans Souci)

As for the other former Grand Lido property–the Grand Lido Sans Souci–it was purchased by the Couples Resorts company and is now known as the Couples Sans Souci. The Jamaican tourist hot spot of Ocho Rios is where you can find this resort, and all things considered, it should have little trouble satisfying those who are looking to enjoy an upscale all-inclusive Caribbean vacation. Sans Souci prides itself on its signature spa services, and each of the 150 suites has a lot of privacy and lovely views of the Caribbean Sea.

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