Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental
Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is a hotel investment and management company that offers some of the finest luxury hotels and resorts in the world. There are numerous industry awards to back up the high-class reputation. As for where you can expect to find Mandarin Oriental hotels and resorts, they are located in numerous cities throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe. This is good news for discerning travelers who appreciate the kind of quality that Mandarin Oriental stands for.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental BangkokMany Mandarin Oriental hotels can be found in Asia. Among them is the renowned Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. Situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, this Thailand offering was the first hotel built in the country. The original opening year was 1879, and today, it is one of Mandarin Oriental's flagship properties. Excellent service is just one of the things that helps to set the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok apart, and when you consider everything else that it has to offer, it's little wonder that it consistently ranks among the very best hotels in the world.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Mandarin Oriental TokyoOccupying the upper floors of the 38-story Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower is another Mandarin Oriental hotel that travelers to Japan will do well to keep on the radar. Excellent views of the Tokyo skyline are just one reason to book a stay at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, and the fact that the hotel offers some of the most spacious guest units in all of Japan is also worthy of note. Other highlights include a full-service spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and restaurants that have been awarded Michelin Stars. When guests at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo aren't taking advantage of the tantalizing facilities or relaxing in their well-equipped rooms, they can explore one of the world's most vibrant cities.

Mandarin Oriental London

Mandarin Oriental LondonAmazing locations are certainly something that the Mandarin Oriental hotels and resorts are known for. A fine example of this is the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park London, which is found at 66 Knightsbridge in the highly fashionable Knightsbridge district. As the name would imply, famed Hyde Park is very close by, and guests certainly won't want for chic shopping opportunities in the immediate area. When it comes to the hotel itself, a stunning exterior is among the main attributes, and there are many more perks. A luxurious spa caters to those who like to be pampered, and staying on top of workouts is easy at the hotel's fully equipped gym. Guests can also get some exercise while walking or jogging in Hyde Park as it is quite close by. As for the Mandarin Oriental London guest units, they are charmingly elegant and only serve to increase the hotel's overall allure.

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