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Starwood Hotels
Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels and Resorts is one of the largest hotel companies in the entire world. From its headquarters in White Plains, New York, it oversees nine different lodging brands, and these brands include some of the industry's most luxurious and recognizable hotels. As for the total property count, Starwood Hotels and Resorts either manages, owns, or has franchised nearly 1,000 different properties. These properties are located in virtually every major tourist destination around the globe, not to mention plenty of lesser-known locales that offer their own appeal.

Starwood Westin Hotels

Starwood Westin HotelsWestin is just one of the brands that Starwood Hotels and Resorts oversees. As is true of the other chains, its hotels are upscale and provide an array of inviting amenities for guests to take advantage of. Flat-screen TVs, comfortable bathrobes, and signature Heavenly beds are just some of the standard in-room amenities, while common facilities include a spa, a fitness center, and a restaurant. Starwood Westin Hotels boast contemporary designs that are quite pleasant, and all attempts are made to help guests feel welcome and relaxed from the moment that they arrive. Most Westins actually go as far as to present the traveler with "soothing" lobby. Soft music mixes with special lighting and relaxing scents.

Starwood W Hotels

Starwood W HotelsFans of contemporary luxury hotels will also want to keep the Starwood W Hotels brand in mind when traveling. This luxury boutique brand offers some of the most chic and stylish hotels that you will find anywhere, and guests certainly shouldn't find themselves wanting for amenities in the well-equipped rooms. Outside of the guest units, a spa, a fitness center, a cool bar, a restaurant, and conference rooms often figure among the facilities. The exterior of your average W Hotel is just as impressive as the interior. The W Hotel Washington D.C. occupies a beautiful building that dates back to 1918 and was formerly the Hotel Washington, for example, while the W Barcelona is more of an example of a modern masterpiece.

Starwood Sheraton Hotels

Starwood Sheraton HotelsSheraton Hotels is the largest brand that Starwood Hotels and Resorts has to offer. It is also considered to be the parent company's flagship brand. Sheraton properties include both hotels and resorts, and as is the way with Starwood, style and amenities aren't lacking. Many hotels and resorts under the Sheraton name have been renovated in recent years or are slated to be renovated in the near future, as the brand looks to embrace a more contemporary appeal. The amazing Sheraton Waikiki alone underwent a $150 million renovation process, and the brand has invested more than $6 billion worlwide in and effort to make its various properties better than ever. If this isn't enough to convince you give Starwood Sheraton Hotels a look the next time you are planning a business or leisure trip, then it might help to mention that each and every room features a Sweet Sleeper bed.

Starwood St Regis Hotels

Starwood St. Regis HotelsWhile all Starwood properties offer a considerable amount of luxury, there remains one main luxury brand. That brand is St Regis. The St Regis hotels are among the world's most impressive lodging establishments for many different reasons. Amazing architecture and exceptional service are just two of them. Five different design interpretations help to make the various St Regis properties stand out from one another, though one thing is certain regardless of the specific hotel and resort. That is the fact that classic elegance will be at the heart of things, as will comfort, convenience, and all around bliss.

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