International Destinations

International destinations draw travelers for their culture, languages, history, cuisine, and their intangible aspects as well. There is something seductive about the unknown, and with each of the worldwide travel destinations that we visit, we learn more about different cultures and people and ultimately about ourselves. If you’ve never traveled internationally before, it can be hard to know where to begin. Some travelers might be worried if they don’t speak another language or think transportation might be difficult. These small hurdles are nothing to worry about, and once you learn the pleasures of international travel, you will forget they even exist.

While the best international travel destinations are a highly debatable topic, there are a few places that travel enthusiasts rave about year after year. For many people, international travel begins in Europe. Seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris with your own eyes, walking through the doors of the Colosseum in Rome, or attending a bullfight in Spain, it will be impossible not to marvel at international cultures. Train travel makes reaching international destinations in Europe a breeze; for many years people have planned train journeys to see a variety of this continent in one trip. From Germany to Belgium, England to Italy, it is possible to climb aboard a train and arrive somewhere with a different language, traditions, and cuisine.

The cultures of Europe definitely have a certain romantic quality to them, but there are many other worldwide travel destinations that are just as popular. Australia and New Zealand are known for their stunning scenery, friendly locals, and sunny beaches. Scuba diving enthusiasts will love the chance to dive and see the Great Barrier Reef, while animal lovers will shriek with glee when they see a kangaroo for the first time. The best international travel destinations expose us to things that we wouldn’t see, hear, taste, or experience at home. The land down under definitely delivers this kind of stimulation to our senses.

There are many worldwide travel destinations that aren’t as expensive as Europe or Australia. South America is luring travelers with its combination of affordability and culture. Buzzing cities such as Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro are great places to party, dance, eat, and listen to live music, and they're also well known as excellent beach destinations, particularly Rio. Young people are especially drawn to these international destinations for their affordability. While flights can be prohibitively expensive, once you arrive in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, or Colombia it is possible to live well on a budget. Many travelers never want to go home after seeing the relaxed lifestyle and quality of life in these places.

Some of the best international travel destinations are even more exotic. For one of the ultimate thrills, plan a trip to Africa and take a safari. Seeing lions and zebras in their natural environment is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Climb the Great Wall of China, wander the markets of Mumbai, or try local flavors in Thailand. No matter what your interests are, from adventure to food to history to art, there will always be a reason to travel internationally and explore your hobbies. From Southeast Asia to Central America, the state parks of Alaska to the private beaches of Fiji, international travel has the potential to become an addiction!



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