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The best islands are up to each traveler, and when asked, everyone will have a different list. The truth is that all of the islands around the globe offer different perks, and you must decide first what your priorities are. There will be a different list of the top tropical islands if you’re looking for outdoor adventure as opposed to quiet adults-only resorts. While some islands are at the top of multiple lists, the best island vacation destination will always fit with your individual desires. Some islands have a better reputation for cuisine, others offer spectacular scuba diving, and still others offer immersion into a different culture.

Many savvy travelers would say that the best islands are located in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is known for its wide, soft, sandy beaches. If you have ever been disappointed with the rocky coastline of the Mediterranean before, you will appreciate these endless miles of sugary sand. Shoal Bay on Anguilla, Aruba’s Palm Beach, and Cane Garden Bay in the British Virgin Islands are among the best options, but almost any Caribbean Island, save smaller rocky ones such as Saba and Dominica, will have more than a few beautiful beaches to choose from.

For many, the best island vacation destination is the one that offers value. The Caribbean is well known for its all inclusive island travel packages, which bring big value to a trip. These types of packages help travelers to plan ahead and can estimate the cost of the trip before they even book it. If budget is your main priority, look for all inclusive packages in the Caribbean and beyond. For instance, all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands have been drawing guests for years because of their stress-free environments.

If budget isn’t an issue, the top tropical islands might be a completely different list. For example, Hawaii isn’t known as a budget destination, but is definitely worth the splurge. These exotic islands are constantly praised as one of the best beach trips on the globe, and travelers who give Hawaii a shot are rarely disappointed. The different islands offer a range of pleasures, from sunbathing on a black sand beach to hiking volcanoes to watching migrating humpback whales from the deck of a boat. Popular for island honeymoons and romantic travel, many couples would say that Hawaii is amongst the best islands for an intimate atmosphere. It helps to know that Maui has a reputation for romance and the Big Island for great hiking, for instance, but any of the major islands can offer a terrific vacation with plenty of time outdoors.

There is a whole range of travelers that don’t fit into either the budget or the luxury category. Luckily, there is an endless list of options for these in-the-middle travelers. Resorts from the Bahamas to Bermuda to St Lucia offer a range of services and amenities. If you’re looking for great cuisine and nightlife, a list of the top tropical islands is sure to include Aruba or Jamaica. These two islands are popular among spring break travelers for their great bars and nightclubs which aren’t always easy to find on island vacations.

After one trip to the islands, you will discover that there is much more to do than just work on your tan. While this can be done on any of the islands, there are many other details that can make or break your trip. The best island vacation destination is one that suits your interests and preferences, whatever they may be. If you’ve always wanted to try surfing, head to Hawaii and take a lesson from a master. To taste jerk spices where they originated, book a trip to Jamaica. If a secluded atmosphere is what you want, consider visiting Seychelles, off the coast of Africa. There is much more to explore in the islands than just the spectacular beaches and ocean.

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