Cheap Island Hotels

Cheap island hotels can make your dream trip a reality—if you think you can’t afford island vacations this year, think again. There are many ways to visit the Caribbean, filling the spectrum from budget trips to luxury splurges. Many travelers will be surprised at the sheer number of options for cheap tropical island accommodations. From all inclusive packages to big tropical resorts to island cruises, there are many ways savvy travelers can soak up the sun without breaking the bank. To find the best cheap island hotel, you have to decide what you want out of a Caribbean vacation, or a trip to Hawaii or the South Pacific (though these destinations are generally more expensive), and also show some flexibility.

Many cheap island hotels offer all inclusive packages. These island travel deals combine the cost of accommodation, meals, and sometimes transportation, activities, and entertainment. While there is a range of upgrades, from the inclusion of alcoholic beverages to water sports, travelers on a budget will want to stick to a basic package. Cheap tropical island accommodations are usually large resorts, but if you don’t mind sharing the beach and pool with other sun-worshippers, this shouldn’t be a problem. Some travelers actually find that these resorts are the best cheap island hotel because they offer great entertainment and nightlife.

Cheap island hotels can be found throughout the Caribbean, with a few exceptions. Some less developed islands, such as St Lucia, are geared more for luxury travelers. While budget options may be available at hotels, airfare might be prohibitively expensive. In order to get the best deal possible, you will want your hotel to be in a place that is easily accessible by plane.

This is one reason why hotels in the Bahamas are so popular—the islands are very convenient to reach from throughout the US. One place to start researching would be which islands have frequent service from your local airport; other potentially cheap destinations in the Caribbean include Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic. In particular, the Dominican Republic can be a great place for a cheap vacation. Boca Chica, Puerto Plata, and Punta Cana are all excellent resort destinations, and it’s possible to find terrific vacation packages and deals on hotels here.

Wherever you go, an option for cheap tropical island accommodations is vacation rentals. Some travelers think that vacation rentals are only for luxury travelers, but this simply isn’t true. Vacation rentals run the full spectrum from budget to luxury, just like hotels, except that rentals offer even more value by allowing you to prepare some of your own meals and providing extra living space. Rentals can offer great locations on the beach, privacy, and a more authentic perspective on island living than a resort can offer. Renting directly from an owner can also result in more discounts than choosing a hotel with a set rate. Vacation rentals are available on most islands, but among the most popular destinations for this type of lodging are Puerto Rico and the Bahamas; if you need a variety of choices, it’s best to check one of these.

While the best cheap island hotel will be a very personal decision, there are some that frequent the top of the list. Some of the best kept secrets are small, independently owned hotels that have offered fair rates for decades. At the top of this list are Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica, Chez Pierre in the Bahamas, and Picard Beach Cottages in Dominica. If you think that a hotel room for approximately $100 a night in the Caribbean isn’t possible, check out these options. Savvy travelers who do a little research will find that these are just the beginning of the many ways to explore the Caribbean affordably.

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