Florida Islands

Florida islands may not be the state’s biggest tourist draw, as when many people think of the Sunshine State, they often think of Orlando and Miami. However, beyond these popular destinations, there are also Florida Islands that are worth a visit, particularly if you want to see some of the state’s best beaches. From the serene Florida Keys to islands on the Gulf Coast like Sanibel Island or Marco Island, there are many ways to enjoy the island life without the hassle of flying to the Caribbean. There is no passport or line at immigration to enjoy these islands, and they deliver every ounce of sun, sand, and surf that you will be looking for in island vacation spots.

A list of islands in Florida is lengthier than some people may think. The Florida Keys alone take up a significant portion of this list, as there are many small islands beyond the well-known Key West, Key Largo, and Islamorada. To explore these Florida Islands many travelers start out in Miami. The drive from Miami to the end of the Florida Keys, in Key West, takes just over three hours and is filled with spectacular views. If you’re interested in boating, fishing, and a relaxed atmosphere, the Keys will be perfect for you. On the other hand, the best Florida Island beach isn’t located in the Keys. Many of the beaches are small and rocky, and this section of Florida lacks the wide, sandy beaches that many travelers crave.

Beyond the Florida Keys, a list of islands in Florida also includes options along the Gulf Coast. These destinations are popular for their convenience, the availability of affordable flights, all inclusive packages, and even vacation rentals. From Sanibel Island to Marco Island, islands along the Gulf Coast provide a sunny escape from a cold northern winter without having to travel too far. There is a range of accommodation to choose from on these islands. Whether you are looking for a big resort with every imaginable amenity or a small vacation rental on a quiet beach, you’ll find it along the Gulf Coast.

Some travelers will be surprised to learn that the best Florida Island beach is located near Miami, which sometimes has more a reputation for its parties and great restaurants. While the Florida Keys are mostly rocky, Key Biscayne and Miami Beach both offer wide, sandy beaches. Many visitors to Florida have never heard of Key Biscayne, and this beach has remained largely a local secret. You will need a rental car to reach Key Biscayne, although there are also island hotels and resorts that are beautiful and worth a stay. While Miami Beach offers a wide, crowded stretch of beach with no cover from the sun, Key Biscayne is dotted with palm trees where you can spend a lazy afternoon reading a novel or having a family picnic.

Other popular Florida Islands include Captiva Island, Hutchinson Island, and Santa Rosa Island. The best Florida island beach might just be the one where you encounter the best deal. Throughout the winter and beyond, resorts in Florida offer last minute deals, all inclusive packages, and more to entice people to the sunshine state. The value might be so fantastic that you find yourself throwing away your list of islands in Florida and following the best deal. This will also help you to discover new places in Florida that you may wind up visiting year after year!

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