Island Condos

Island condos are worth investigating if you’re tired of crowded hotels and loud resorts, it is time to investigate island condos. Vacation rentals are a whole new way to experience the islands, and once you try rentals, the odds are you’ll never stay in an island resort again. A cheap island condo rental not only saves you money in a variety of ways, but also offers something even more valuable: privacy. Tropical island condo rentals can be as secluded as you want them to be, whether you’re looking for an isolated strip of beach or a place that is close to shopping and dining.

The list of benefits of island condos is a lengthy one. Many travelers love the extra space and home away from home feeling that a cheap island condo rental provides. A traditional hotel room isn’t designed for relaxing after a day on the beach. Tropical island condo rentals deliver a private kitchen to prepare your own meals and snacks, living space to relax on the couch, and often private outdoor space to enjoy the views and sea breezes. While you won’t have the convenience of the hotel concierge to answer your questions, this is a small sacrifice to make for all the privacy of a condo.

The range of island condos sweeps all the way from budget to luxury. Whether you are looking for a simple one bedroom villa on the beach in the Bahamas or an extravagant five bedroom villa in Tahiti, you will find the right rental for you. Condos are especially popular for people planning group trips. Whether it is a girlfriend's getaway or a family reunion, vacation rentals are the ideal environment for reconnecting with loved ones. Any amenity you can imagine will be on offer at your perfect rental, from outdoor barbeques to a private pool to ocean views.

Condos in Hawaii are especially popular for vacations to these islands, as they ensure that you’ll feel at home, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. As with other island destinations, there are reliable areas where you’ll find more condos than hotels, which often means it’s quieter, simply because there are fewer people. The Kona Coast in the Big Island is one of the best areas for condos in Hawaii, as are Waikiki Beach and the North Shore in Oahu, though the former is likely to be crowded no matter what. Wailua Bay in Kauai and Kaanapali Beach in Maui are both popular areas for condos as well.

No matter where you go, there are many strategies for securing a cheap island condo rental. Many condos are rented directly by the owner, meaning that there is some room for negotiation. Traveling in the off-season will almost always secure you a substantial discount. If you plan on staying for longer than a weekend, or longer than a week, ask for a discount. Owners are often happy to not have to turn over the condo to another renter and might offer you a deal. Even if you’re traveling in high season, don’t be afraid to make a fair offer to an owner.

If you are looking for some of the benefits of staying at a hotel, there are still tropical island condo rentals for you. From private islands with villas to condos that are part of a larger resort complex, you can get the best of both worlds of rentals and hotels. This often means a less relaxing environment and larger crowds, but also does deliver close proximity to hotel restaurants, fitness center, and other amenities. From Florida to the Caribbean to Hawaii and beyond, condo rentals are a way to get underneath the skin of a destination and experience it on a more authentic level.

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