Island Cruises

Island cruises are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a hassle free vacation full of sunshine and splashing around. Some travelers dismiss the idea of a Caribbean island cruise because they think that all ships offer cramped rooms and mass-produced food. A cheap island cruise isn’t the only choice any longer, although they do still exist in great numbers. There are more reasons than ever to consider taking a cruise through the islands, from the variety of itineraries to maximizing your travel time. After all, why see just one place when you get see multiple places?

The most popular of all island cruises is through the Caribbean. It is possible to depart from Miami and barely be aware that you’re traveling hundreds of miles through the Caribbean. A variety of itineraries make it possible to visit a whole range of island destinations, from close by options such as Key West to ports in Aruba, the Bahamas, and more. When you choose a Caribbean island cruise, the days are all about relaxation and the dock time is all about excursions. A cruise never has to have a boring moment, so go ahead, explore a new port town, go shopping, or finally get that scuba diving certification!

The most common itineraries for cruises in this part of the world are split into the eastern and western Caribbean islands, with trips to the former often including stops in the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, St Maarten/St Martin, and Puerto Rico as well. The eastern Caribbean itineraries typically include less time on the water as well, as the islands are closer together. Western Caribbean cruises are more likely to include stops in Mexico or Central America, as well as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, or the Cayman Islands. Of course, if you take a fourteen-day cruise as opposed to a three-day or seven-day option, you’ll find more stops on the itinerary.

In addition to a cheap island vacation, a Caribbean island cruise can also be a luxury experience. The Caribbean is no longer a place for just large ships and cheap packages. One popular option is an adults-only cruise, which is designed from the food to the entertainment to the décor with adults in mind. These smaller cruise vessels lose the impersonal nature of the massive ships, and still offer all the same cruising benefits. Luxurious upgrades include spa treatments, private balconies with incredible views, and fine dining.

While the Mediterranean might not be a cheap island cruise destination, it does offer extraordinary value. Many travelers dream of a cruise in the Mediterranean that includes stops in the Spanish islands, Italian islands, Greek Islands, and more. These itineraries pack more culture into one trip than you could easily imagine. If your idea of perfect island cruises is full of new flavors, cultures, languages, and history, than a Mediterranean cruise is perfect for you. This is a great way to explore the Mediterranean on a budget, or to splurge on the luxury experience of a lifetime.

Like the Caribbean, cruises in the Mediterranean typically are divided into eastern and western options, so it’s worth considering what you’re most interested in seeing. Western Mediterranean cruises often stop in Portugal, Spain and its islands, France, and even North Africa, such as Morocco. Italy is often included on almost any Mediterranean itinerary, and the eastern Mediterranean cruises also include more exotic stops, such as Croatia, Cyprus, and the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey.

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