Party Islands

Party islands are the place to be if you’re looking for an environment where you can soak up the sun and dance until dawn. Some of the world’s best island parties are only a quick flight away, and with a little planning, you could be at the center of the action on these islands. While some people might think that spring break for college students is the only time that the islands come to life, this simply isn’t true. Tropical island party spots keep the nightlife going all year long, meaning there doesn’t have to be a single dull moment on your next trip!

Similar to any vacation, party islands will span a wide budget. If you’re more concerned with the hottest DJs then your bank account, the place to go is definitely the Mediterranean. Spanish islands, specifically Ibiza and Mallorca, are known for their nightclubs, fine dining, spectacular beaches, and beautiful people. Year after year, the world’s best island parties take place in Ibiza during the summer time, and nightclubs such as Pacha host their own events as well. Pacha’s Flower Power party has been held for more than 30 years. Don’t expect to travel here on a budget, however; cover charges and drinks at clubs alone are enough to put a serious dent in almost any bank account.

Not all tropical island party spots are so far away from home however. A quick flight to the Caribbean islands can put you at the center of nightlife as well. Some of the party islands got their reputation because they are cheap and attract a younger crowd. These spring break destinations earned their nightlife reputation over the last couple decades, and include the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. Aruba is particularly known as a nightlife destination, with great casinos and bars, and the city of Oranjestad has a great nightclub scene that centers on L.G. Smith Boulevard.

Greece also has its fair share of island parties, with Ios being especially well known for its wild parties. One of they Cyclades Islands, Ios has apartment rentals and hotels available if you want to stay for a few days, plus great beaches to go with its nightlife. One of the world’s best-known beach parties is the Full Moon Party held on Koh Phangan in Thailand. Between 10,000 and 30,000 people, depending on the season, attend this party each month, which takes place during the full moon and has dancing and entertainment including jugglers and fire-eaters.

Regardless of where you might want to go, some travelers think that the world’s best island parties are the most affordable ones, and not all island parties are easy on the budget. For this reason, all inclusive packages are popular for people who are seeking value. While the package may not include alcoholic beverages or entertainment, it will include accommodation and meals, and sometimes transportation. With the base cost of your trip at a low rate, you will have more to spend on nightlife, entertainment, and water sports. Families looking for cheap deals should avoid these packages that are designed for young people seeking nightlife—though they are affordable it could wind up being a very loud, stressful vacation.

Another affordable option for visiting tropical island party spots is a cruise. Cruises are another form of an all inclusive package, and keep the base rate of your vacation at a low. Look for itineraries that dock in some of the party capitals, including Cancun or Playa del Carmen. By choosing this kind of trip you will be able to see, and party in, more than one destination during your trip. A cruise will also minimize the amount of time you spend traveling, and maximize the amount of time you spend partying. Who wouldn’t agree with that travel strategy?

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