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Island pictures are worth even more than a thousand words. Nothing quite gets the imagination going like tropical island photos of white sand beaches and turquoise waters, and when it’s a picture of your own island vacation, all the better. The best island photos are the ones that inspire travelers to act, that instill a need in the viewer to get to a beach and a margarita promptly. If you need a little travel inspiration, there is nothing like photographs of the Caribbean, the various islands of Hawaii, or the stunning range of colors of the islands of the South Pacific to get you out of your seat and making a reservation.

Some of the most iconic images of the world’s beaches come from the best tropical island destinations. Whether they know it or not, most people have seen pictures of the beautiful beaches in Maui or the Big Island, the Bahamas (though Pink Sands Beach ought to be recognizable!), and even Thailand, with its stunning resorts and clear blue waters.

However, travelers should beware that island pictures sometimes don’t tell the whole story. Many people have unfortunately experienced disappointment by trusting photographs, and not completing their research. While tropical island photos can bring your interest to a resort or island, it is still essential to do your research. Finding out the size of the hotel, its location, its amenities, and what activities or entertainment it offers will ensure that you find the perfect match. Don’t let the best island photos convince you to make a rash travel decision.

A little caution is healthy while traveling, but don’t let that spoil the fun. Island pictures are a great way to escape your current environment, and imagine what you would do on a tropical getaway. From the basic like lounging on the beach and splashing in the surf to more adventurous activities like scuba diving or surfing, pictures can help you figure out how you would like to spend your vacation. Photographs might inspire you to get even more adventurous, and try a new activity such as parasailing. To see this bird’s eye view with your own eyes is sure to beat just looking at a photograph.

Sometimes the most surprising thing about tropical island photos is that the colors aren’t enhanced. Once you arrive, the shades of blue and turquoise in the photos are just as vivid as they are in reality—if you travel to Seychelles or Mauritius, both off the African coast, you’ll be stunned by the azure waters, which will surpass any picture you might have seen.

When it comes to accommodations, the pictures can be helpful in choosing where to stay. Whether you choose a vacation rental on a tropical island, an adults-only cruise line, or a honeymoon package at a resort in Hawaii, photographs will have an influence on your decision making process. In many ways, they are the most fun aspect of the research and planning phase of travel.

Some travelers think that the best island photos are ones they take themselves. If you’re interested in photography, there’s no better place to bring your camera than the islands. The subject matter is simply stunning, whether you’re interested in the local wildlife or sweeping landscape scenes. If photography is a new hobby of yours, combine it with a relaxing vacation to the islands. Whatever draws you to the islands, you are sure to be impressed by witnessing these images leap off the page and come to life in reality.

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