Island Rentals

Island rentals are one way to travel on a budget if you’re tired of all inclusive packages and aren’t interested in going on a cruise. Tropical island vacation rentals have a long list of benefits versus hotels and resorts, not the least of which is that they’re often cheaper or a better value—or both. Some travelers visiting the world's islands long for a more relaxing environment and privacy that a busy resort just can’t provide, or they want more autonomy in terms of preparing their own meals. If you’ve experienced these travel frustrations, give an island beach house rental a try.

Every traveler will have their own top benefit of choosing island rentals. For many people, space is the key factor. Extra living space, private outdoor space, and a kitchen for preparing some of your own meals will all give your rental that home-away-from-home feeling, and it’s something that a hotel or resort simply can’t provide. Some travelers have a difficult time relaxing in the environment of a hotel. If you don’t want to sit on your bed and watch TV, how exactly do you relax? Tropical island vacation rentals provide an excellent alternative to hotels, where you can sit back and read a book in your own living room or spend quality time around the dinner table with your family, all a few steps away from the beach.

Connecting with the local culture is another top reason for choosing island rentals. Sometimes it can be easy to travel to the Caribbean and not get to know the local cuisine, music, traditions, or customs. When you choose tropical island vacation rentals over resorts, you are more likely to have an authentic experience. The owner of the property can point you in the direction of local restaurants, shops, and bars.

The Cayman Islands, for example, are a great destination for vacation rentals, as there are multiple properties available through both resorts and private owners. Island condos are especially popular, often including two bedrooms and two baths, though both bigger and smaller rentals are available as well. The Caymans are known for their great beaches and scuba diving, and for being less crowded than their more touristy counterparts, all of which makes a Grand Cayman vacation rental a terrific choice.

Another reason savvy travelers choose an island beach house rental is the value. When you’re dealing with individual owners instead of large hotels, there might be room for some bargaining. If you’re traveling in the off season or are planning on an extended stay, ask the owner for a discount. The savings will continue throughout your trip. Instead of dining out for every meal, including expensive breakfasts and lunches, prepare some of your meals in your private kitchen. Visiting local markets to stock your kitchen will be an experience all of its own.

An island beach house rental can also be a luxurious experience. Many newlyweds choose to skip the packages of luxury resorts in favor of incredible rentals. To really splurge, you can even book a vacation rental that comes with a private chef and a staff to assist you with any request. This will truly be the honeymoon of a lifetime, and one that couldn’t be achieved in a resort.

As the Hawaiian islands are popular for honeymoons, they’re also known for the quality of their vacation rentals, particularly beachside condos. Condos are available in large vacation areas such as Waikiki Beach, but it’s also possible to find them in smaller places, such as the quiet island of Molokai. The areas of Kaluakoi, Kaunakakai, and West Molokai are great for vacationers seeking a quiet Hawaiian getaway and a luxury place to stay that’s right by the ocean.

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