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Island vacations are the best solution if you’re sick of the snow—there’s no better cure for the case of the winter blues than a tropical island getaway. Even during the weeks leading up to departure, you can get through the snowy days by picturing yourself on a golden beach soaking up the sun. The best tropical island vacations are the ones that give you a break from the persistent cold of winter. They also give inspiration to stay in shape while others are packing on the winter pounds. The only decision to make about island beach trips will be not if to go, but which islands to visit this time around.

Some travelers think that the best tropical island vacations are the ones that are close to home. For this reason, the Bahamas are very popular. Just a quick flight away from the coast of Florida, the Bahamas has it all: nightlife, beautiful resorts, excellent fishing, and consistent weather. For a hassle-free option, the Bahamas are the way to go, as there are excellent resorts around the islands and plenty of options for both romantic couples resorts and family-friendly accommodations. The islands are also home to beautiful beaches, including Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island. Choosing a favorite island in the Caribbean is a very personal decision, based on how you’d like to spend your time away from home, and in addition to the Bahamas, many travelers also love Aruba, Jamaica, St Lucia, Bermuda, Antigua, and Puerto Rico. Once you find your favorite, odds are you will return year after year!

Other travelers think that the best island beach trips are the most exotic ones. Hawaii is often high on the wish list of many people, from newlyweds to families. There is a resort in Hawaii to meet everyone’s needs, from families traveling on a budget to a honeymoon splurge. Hawaii also offers a serious dose of adventure, from climbing volcanoes to hiking the rocky coastline. The different islands are great for different types of trips, with Maui offering arguably the most romantic atmosphere, the Big Island having the best variety of outdoor activities, and Lanai being the most quiet and secluded option. To get even more exotic, head for the South Pacific or the islands of the Indian Ocean. Once you begin exploring the globe for the best beaches, you will be surprised at the number of options you will find!

When planning island vacations, there will be several tempting offers on the table. One of the most popular is all inclusive island trips, which bring together the price of accommodation and meals. Some upgraded packages also include activities, entertainment, or excursions. While budget packages are very common, there are also luxury all inclusive packages available. The benefit of these packages is that they are able to be customized. After all, the best tropical island vacations are the ones that are suited to your individual preferences. Whether you love scuba diving, history, or fine dining, you will have you choice among a variety of island beach trips.

If you’re looking for value, cruises are one of the best island vacations. They offer similar value to an all inclusive package, combining the cost of accommodation and meals, but cruises also offer the chance to see more than one destination during a single trip. This is ideal for couples or groups of travelers with different interests. On a cruise, one day can spent shopping, another spend on a historical tour, and another on the water with a kayaking expedition. If you have stayed away from cruises because of their massive size or because of an invasion of kids, look into the option of adults-only cruises.

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