Mediterranean Islands

The Mediterranean islands are a dream destination for many travelers planning summer vacations. While a trip to the Caribbean, or even Hawaii, is within the grasp of many travelers, it is commonly thought that the Mediterranean is too far and too expensive. However, this isn’t always true and with a little research and travel savvy you could be relaxing on the shores of Spanish islands. Whether you take a cruise between islands in Greece, choose a classic resort, or pick a luxurious vacation rental, you will be glad you broke out of your travel routine to experience another way to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf of some of the world's prettiest islands.

One of the most popular ways to explore the Mediterranean Islands is by cruise ship. There are a variety of itineraries, ranging from a few days to several weeks and covering a great deal of distance. You can spend a day sipping sangria on Spanish islands, and the next on the back of a donkey climbing the hills of islands in Greece. If you want to see a bit of the Italian Islands, Greece, Croatia, and even Turkey all combined in one trip, a cruise is definitely the way to go. This form of an all inclusive package will also help bring value to your trip. With accommodation and meals taken care of, all you will have to worry about paying for is excursions.

Some travelers prefer to stay in one place and get to know it well. If this is your method of travel, the Spanish Islands are a perfect spot. From the shores of Mallorca to Ibiza, these islands offer a dangerously good combination of beach, cuisine, nightlife, yachting, history, and more. In Mallorca, it is possible to spend a day exploring the historic city of Palma, and then dance the night away in a modern nightclub. If you’re looking for nightlife, Ibiza is the center of the action in the Spanish islands. Nightclubs, famous DJs, beach parties, and more will easily fill up your time on this island. Gran Canaria is also popular among travelers looking to party, and it’s possible to find good travel deals to this and other Spanish islands.

Of all the Mediterranean islands, the islands in Greece have maintained a certain charm. You can expect less fancy restaurants and more authentic dining. The music, fresh Mediterranean cuisine, and welcoming people all draw people to the islands of Greece. Without taking a cruise it is possible to visit multiple islands in Greece during one trip. Pick a few destinations, such as Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos, and spend a few days on each island for a well-rounded experience of the Greek Islands. This is the type of trip where it pays to take your time, so plan on at least a week, if not two weeks, to maximize your experience.

The Italian islands offer pleasures of their own. From Sardinia to Sicily to the chic destinations of Capri and Ischia, a trip to the Italian islands offers as much culture as it does sunshine. If you want to combine shopping and memorable dining experiences with your island trip, Italy is the top choice. With more islands than you could possibly explore during one trip, Italy is a place in the Mediterranean that draws travelers back year after year. Whether you choose Spain, Greece, Italy, or somewhere in between, the Mediterranean will deliver a special island vacation.

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