Romantic Islands

Romantic islands are plentiful, so if you’re looking for a good romantic destination, get ready to choose from a long list. Across the globe resorts, hotels, and vacation rentals have been designed to fulfill an idea of a romantic tropical island vacation and to lure couples from far and wide. Some factors will help you narrow down your choices, such as whether you want secluded islands or one that is very accessible and conveniently located. Packages will help to add value to romantic island getaways by including meals, romantic excursions, and unexpected touches to your stay. Often considered the ultimate romantic trip, a vacation to the islands will send sparks flying in your relationship.

At the top of the list for romantic islands is definitely Hawaii. A popular island honeymoon destination, the islands of Hawaii have a certain exotic allure that couples can’t seem to resist. From the incredible resorts of Maui to the lesser-known luxurious hotels of Lanai and Molokai, there is always a new experience in the Hawaiian islands. A romantic tropical island vacation isn’t reserved only for honeymooners, in fact, many resorts also offer packages if you’re celebrating an anniversary or just looking to get away from the kids. Adults only properties are one great solution if you are looking for a romantic atmosphere.

For even more romance, some couples crave secluded islands. This type of vacation can take many forms, including smaller, lesser known islands of popular destinations (such as Bimini in the Bahamas) or even private islands where resorts cater to small groups at a time. From the indulgent Turtle Island in Fiji to Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort in Indonesia, there are many affordable options for private island getaways. You can also look for the most remote destinations available, such as Mauritius and Seychelles, both of which are located in the Indian Ocean more than 1,000 miles east of Africa. No matter how exotic you desire a destination to be, there are resorts and hotels that also specialize in romance to fulfill all your vacation dreams.

For some travelers, the most romantic islands are the ones that are closest to home. The serene environment of the Florida Keys and the islands of the Gulf Coast in Florida makes them very popular with couples. For instance, Key West is great for parties, while Sanibel Island and Key Biscayne promise some of the state’s best beaches. Vacation rentals in these areas will guarantee even more privacy.

The Caribbean is another popular choice for a romantic tropical island vacation. From the five-star resorts of St Lucia to convenient resorts of the Bahamas, the Caribbean is filled with options, especially affordable ones, for couples. It helps to be flexible about where you’re going, meaning it’s worth looking into destinations from the Virgin Islands to the Caymans and south to Dominica. One thing travelers love about the Caribbean is that there is always a new island with a new culture to discover.

Whether you choose secluded islands or an island like Aruba that is full of nightlife and options for fine dining, the most important decision to make when planning a romantic trip is to get away just the two of you. Without the distractions of family and friends it will be possible to soak up the romantic atmosphere and spend time talking, laughing, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. A vacation to the islands reminds us of these simple pleasures, and hopefully during a trip we learn how to bring some of them back home with us once the vacation is over!

Romantic Islands

Romantic Islands

Romantic islands are plentiful, so if you’re looking for a good romantic dest...

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Island Destinations

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