Luxury Destinations

Luxury destinations are a constant draw, and over the past decades there have been several spots that have consistently earned a reputation as luxurious places to travel. While many cities, island destinations, and international destinations all offer luxurious hotels, restaurants, or activities—this doesn’t necessarily mean that the place offers a 100 percent luxurious experience. If you want a little pampering, look into the top luxury travel destinations across the globe. From the vineyards of Napa Valley California to the exclusive islands off the coast of Italy, you will be glad to escape from the bustle of every day life. The best luxury vacation places are the ones that anticipate your needs, are striking with beauty, and offer world-class service.

Luxury destinations are designed for the affluent traveler. Each season sees these places come to life, from the South of France in the summer to the Alps in the winter. The top luxury travel destinations have something that attracts people during a certain time of year, making it not only desirable, but fashionable to travel. The winter is a perfect example. The best luxury vacation places in winter have earned a reputation for great skiing as well as entertainment, restaurants, and spas. In the US, Lake Tahoe and its lovely ski resorts have a reputation for luxury while in Europe, the French and Italian Alps are known for their affluent mountain villages. Cozy lodges with fireplaces and outstanding cuisine make these mountain locations extremely popular with luxury travelers.

Another option for luxury destinations in winter is getting away from the snow. From Mexico to the Caribbean to Hawaii there are exclusive resorts that cater specifically to the luxury traveler. Amenities reign supreme, and luxury resorts try and outdo one another with private chefs, tours, activities, and lavish suites. Many luxury travelers prefer discretion, and vacation rentals have grown in popularity. A private rental complete with a personal chef will make sure that all needs are met without having to share the beach or pool with fellow guests. In Hawaii, Lanai has earned a reputation as a luxury destination. Its Four Seasons Resort and top-quality golf course has helped to solidify this reputation.

There is a whole list of top luxury travel destinations in the summer as well. During this time attention turns to yachting, islands, and beaches. From Martha’s Vineyard to the Greek Islands, the classic pastime of sailing is enjoyed each summer. The Amalfi Coast in Italy, the South of France, and increasingly the island’s of Croatia all have the attention of luxury travelers. Europe remains on the radar throughout the year, as many cities specialize in luxury. Exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, the spectacular shopping in Florence, or the art galleries of Venice is all enhanced by 5-star hotels that will cater to the whim of every guest.

Beyond Europe, there are some of the best luxury vacation places. Cruises to Antarctica, private resorts on the islands of Fiji, and culinary getaways across the globe all entice the luxury traveler. Hobbies are also a driving force of luxury travel. Anyone looking for the best golf destinations should head to Ireland to play some of the best courses in the world, history enthusiasts will tour the crumbling cities of Malta, and foodies will take cooking courses in Spain or Italy. Across the globe luxury hotels both large and small have opened up virtually every corner of the planet to travelers seeking the best of the best. From Norway to Moscow, India to Japan, there are hotels, amenities, and services that will continue to redefine the basics of luxury travel.

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