Luxury Boutique Hotels

In a world of ever-increasing emphasis on style, extravagance and convenience, luxury boutique hotels have taken a step up the ladder. Popular traditional hotels have allowed guests to become familiarized with their surroundings, often without even having been to all the hotel locations. With consistent interior design and customary services, there is no room left for surprise for the contemporary traveler. Luxury boutique accommodation has taken its place, even among the most established and commanding hotels, offering guests very unique, and sometimes quirky, surroundings full of intricate details that delight even the most discerning guests.

The traditional concept of hotel accommodation is what luxury boutique hotels strive to aim away from. Boutique luxury accommodation is often set amid property that is noticeably different, and though it often attracts a younger, hip crowd, travelers of all ages have learned to appreciate the rare and enticing designs of these smaller treasures. The concept was aactualized circa 1980 when luxury boutique accommodation was first offered in London, England and San Francisco, California. Following the evolving trend, luxury boutique accommodation was then offered in New York City and throughout North America and the world. Though there is no one formula for luxury accommodation in boutique hotels, there are many similar characteristics shared by these small, lavish hotels.

Design and architecture are two of the most important aspects of luxury boutique hotels that set them apart. Warm, intimate surroundings and individuality are all key in the two most important aspects. These are the fundamental elements that began drawing tourists to luxury accommodation in boutique hotels to begin with. Often housed in older, significant buildings that have been abandoned, many of the hotels already retain a certain charm and atmosphere. Even in Costa Rica, where eco-tourism is extremely popular, there are a few excellent luxury boutique hotels to choose from exhibiting standout design and superior service among luscious tropical settings.

Boutique luxury accommodation takes a specific path to great accomplishment by thinking and designing outside the box. The hotels often provide numerous defined themes in each guest suite providing a truly individualized holiday. Cultural, romantic, modernist, rustic, elegant and hip are all thoughtful themes used in luxury boutique accommodation from Australia to Germany. Though each luxury accommodation differs from another, one similarity is often history. History is combined with sleek affluence in a grand restoration project allowing a more long lasting vacation property rather than a passing trend or fad. Buildings that already retain historical authority are popular choices for revitalization.

France has a particularly large number of hotels offering boutique luxury accommodation. In Bordeaux, lower Normandy and Paris there are a number of sublime luxury boutique hotels to choose from. Luxury accommodation in boutique hotels can also be found scattered around Italy, often in old rejuvenated sites such as 19th century homes and Mediterranean villas. In Jamaica, boutique luxury accommodation can be found in lovely old plantations, cottage-style tropical homes and tranquil mountainside retreats. All over the world, more and more boutique hotels are sprouting up, and in the true style of boutique shops, originality, distinction and affluence are the main players.

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