Luxury Cruise Packages

Spending a holiday aboard a luxury cruise liner is an experience everyone should have. Luxury cruise packages have come a very long way and offer many amenities geared toward travelers of all ages. From luxury family cruises to honeymoon luxury cruise packages, there's a ship out there with your name on it. Luxury vacation packages, and especially cruise packages, have become extremely desirable and with ports docking in such exciting destinations as France, Italy and Hawaii, your dream vacation lies at your fingertips.

Luxury cruise packages are not the tired old deals that used to be offered to honeymooners and retirees. They've morphed into some of the most appealing luxury vacation packages available. All-inclusive luxury cruise packages are an excellent way to take care of all the details up front and continue a holiday without any worries at all. In the initial reservation, everything is figured in. All of your meals and ship activities are included in all-inclusive cruise packages. Often luxury cruise packages also include drinks in suites and at any of the ship's bars.

When the cruise ship stops at different ports of call, such as the Cayman Islands, Barbados or St. Thomas if you're cruising around the Caribbean, any costs you incur on land are often your responsibility. Sometimes cruise packages include a specific number of overnight stays at luxury hotels or small luxury hotels at one or all of the ports. Other amenities that can be included in luxury vacation packages are films and videos, snacks during the day and at cocktail hour, evening entertainment and special activities like lavish spa treatments. Be sure to verify all the included amenities with your booking agent before you leave for your holiday so you're not left disappointed.

Luxury family cruises are a type of vacation to consider if you have children. These days many cruise liners are packaged with children's amenities and programs not often found on land at many of the luxury resorts or hotels. It might be hard to imagine children having a blast aboard a luxury cruise where upscale service and lavish staterooms are found but luxury cruises offer a pleasant surprise when it comes to entertaining children. Affluent families aiming for a holiday with their children still seek the finest service, amenities and cuisine. They don't want to give up high-living because they have kids.

Aboard luxury family cruises there are usually thousands of square feet dedicated solely to entertaining children. Cruise lines employ coordinators who plan and facilitate programs for youths from handmade crafts to fun activities each day. Piano lessons and foreign language classes are also offered on many luxury family cruises. Also offered exclusively to kids are tours of the bridge, an up-to-date DVD collection and even making and decorating cookies with a pastry chef!

With a large choice in luxury vacation packages it's important to know your specific needs and purchase a package most suited to them. Smaller liners offer respite from huge crowds often found on mega-ships and can be a much more relaxing way to enjoy a vacation on the water. Choosing desired destinations for ports of call is another way to cater your cruise to your wishes. Though many cruise lines travel through the Caribbean, it's also possible to cruise around locations like Brazil and Argentina with stops in exciting cities like Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Buenos Aires. Alaska cruises are another very popular choice. No matter which ports you prefer to visit luxury cruise packages will include exceptional amenities that will add a flair of exuberance and style to your getaway.

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