Luxury Cruises

Sailing the seas hundreds of years ago often meant traveling in cramped quarters in less than desirable conditions. Maps were less reliable, the food was little above mediocre and service wasn't nearly up to the standards it is today. A lot has changed with luxury travel meaning expeditions and cruises of yore have switched gears. Five star luxury cruises are as common and popular as luxury boutique hotels, luxury golf resorts and luxury liveaboards, all many steps up from travel ways of the past. Modern day luxury cruise lines are more like opulent floating castles brimming with lavish and spacious accommodation, five star restaurants, white glove service and a wide world of entertainment.

Luxury cruise ships are designed by the world's top ship architects. The care and detail involved in planning luxury cruise ships is incredible. From original blueprints through to breathtaking interior design, the specifics call for a very organized and professional team. Five star luxury cruises can easily be compared to luxury hotels on land but better. Mammoth luxury cruise ships rival large hotels in size and in service and amenities, making them an extremely popular choice for a relaxing holiday.

Five star luxury cruises travel to some of the most beautiful and remote destinations in the world. Fifteen day luxury cruises from Costa Rica to Barbados, sailing through the Panama Canal, are an experience to remember for a lifetime. As you cruise through ports of call you'll be able to see and visit some extraordinary places like Curacao, Grenada and The Grenadines. When world-renowned chefs, exciting casinos, sky bars and rich interiors are all aboard with you, five star luxury cruises seem like the best choice in luxury travel.

Discount luxury cruises are also available for those looking for the best bargain. Saving off the top on luxury cruises doesn't have to mean a compromise in service or amenities either. Many luxury cruise lines provide special offers and discounts for a variety of reasons. Last minute deals to fill up the luxury cruise lines, holiday specials, honeymoon packages and more all reveal healthy competition between the many luxury cruises available. With the added savings you'll still be able to enjoy complimentary room service, stocked wet bars, fine dining and many other complimentary and five star services.

For the ultimate in luxury cruise lines, fleets of smaller ships offer some of the most personalized service available. With as little as 110 guests on each cruise, you'll feel almost as if you're aboard your very own ship. Staterooms are large and extravagant and feature interiors by top designers. Inside your private stateroom you'll receive all the services you would receive at any luxury hotel, such as turn-down service, in-room spa treatments, butler service and much more. Throwing a get together has never been easier. Services aboard luxury cruise lines will assist in planning and arranging parties and meetings swiftly and with ease.

Choosing between luxury cruise ships will be determined by your own personal preferences. With so many different services and amenities offered you can choose the most appealing options for your holiday. Cruising to Hawaii, Mexico, Alaska or the Caribbean will be completely up to you. You can choose all-inclusive holidays for added convenience and add on all the extras you'd like. Once you're aboard, standing on the deck with a warm breeze on your face and a beautiful sunset in front of you, you'll know you've made the best choice for an exciting, rejuvenating and lavish holiday.

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