Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels have long been a very important aspect of travel for many tourists. As the travel industry flourishes over the years, luxury hotel rooms become more and more lavish, yet surprisingly, some have also become more accessible and affordable. If you choose one of the top ten luxury hotels in the world, of course the rates will be high and that should come as no surprise! Locations like California, New York and Nevada boast some of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the world. Though it's difficult to find exceptional deals on top hotels rooms, luxury hotels do offer discounted rates at certain time throughout the year.

More and more luxury hotels offer a variety of rooms and suites to choose from providing more of a choice in size than ever before. Where a regular hotel might offer the same rooms across the board or a choice between rooms and suites, luxury hotels o grant options between rooms, suites, deluxe, executive and possibly even extravagant suites with themes. Often the rooms rates are the more affordable ones, opening the door to a wider clientele. Many of the rooms are still considered expensive but not necessarily bank-breaking. The top suites in any luxury hotel are the most impressive, with incredibly spacious layouts, remarkable entertainment systems, elaborate furnishings, a wealth of electronic controls and much more. Also, normally the more expensive the suite, the greater the number of personalized services like a butler or personal concierge.

With an increasing emphasis on health and the environment, luxury spa hotels are popping up all over the world. The United Kingdom is home to numerous luxury spa hotels highlighted by some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland, England and Scotland. They can be found in many diverse locations from lush country sides to hip neighborhoods in London. Throughout the Caribbean luxury spa hotels have been grabbing the attention of travelers for years. With exceptionally designed interiors matching the stunning beauty of surrounding backdrops, tropical destinations are an excellent place to enjoy a very affluent holiday.

Luxury spa hotels in St. Bart's, Anguilla, Grenada and the Cayman Islands offer unrivaled spa experiences among some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the world. On parallel with the awe-inspiring beauty are the services and interior aesthetics, all created to indulge guests in the most memorable experience of their lives. Each fine detail is meticulously arranged to provide the utmost calming and rejuvenating stay possible. Fresh and exotic flowers and plants are often a soothing addition to many luxury spas.

The top ten luxury hotels in the world are distinguished by many different characteristics. It's difficult to compare magnificent luxury hotels in the Middle East to incredibly lavish hotels in New York City. Each is appreciated for it's unique characteristics, cultural aspects and distinguished locations. Top ten luxury hotels can be categorized as the best romantic hotels, the best luxury hotels for adventure-seekers, the best luxury spa hotels and so on. There are so many sensational hotels around the globe that it's too difficult to categorize the top ten luxury hotels! The common denominator between them all is an experience fit for the most affluent of visitors, exceeding any and all expectations.

In Europe there are countless amazing hotels brimming with some of the most extravagant luxury hotel rooms in the world. Though often luxury hotel rooms are characterized as "the best" because of price, there are many factors to determine which are truly exceptional. Original, dramatic and lavish rooms stand out most. St. Lucia is home to some of the most impressive hotels and luxury hotel rooms in the world boasting suites that encompass both the indoors and the outdoors in some of the most extraordinary designs in the tropics. Unsurpassed service and comfort is on the menu along with 24-hour service and often many international awards to boast of.

Whether you regularly frequent luxury hotels around the world or save for a special event to celebrate in style, there are many choices in numerous exciting destinations to choose from. Though standards around the world do vary in chain hotels and other accommodation, you can usually count on the standards of the best luxury hotels to be on par with others around the globe. Virtually any holiday theme you desire can be found from special wine tasting getaways to luxurious spa retreats to golf vacations to secluded beach hideaways. A host of the ultimate amenities, most amazing culinary delights, exceptional services and exciting entertainment will dazzle and delight you every minute of your time away from home.

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