Luxury Liveaboard

A luxury liveaboard is increasing in popularity and it's no wonder why. The continuously floating mode of transportation creates endless possibilities for adventure and excitement. For people who love oceans, lakes and rivers a luxury liveaboard can be a very unique and refreshing way to live. Permanently living on the water appeals to those interested in liveaboard cruising whenever they desire. A luxury liveaboard is especially beneficial for those vacationing or living in areas like the Bahamas, Brazil, Australia and other warm climates.

The practice of living onboard a water vessel is the most general way to describe a liveaboard. It refers to both a boat or ship designed for living onboard or a person living on a boat. A luxury liveaboard comes in a large variety of styles, each offering unique experiences. Liveaboard cruising can be practiced by a couple on a houseboat or motorboat, a few deck hands on larger boats or numerous deck hands of very large ships. Liveaboard cruising can be enjoyed on trawlers, yachts, and houseboats which are often laden with many modern amenities found in most homes. Liveaboards have been around for thousands of years but only recently have they become equipped and stocked so lavishly.

In many tropical destinations such as Honduras, the Caribbean and Hawaii liveaboard dive boats are extremely popular. Recreational diving is one of the most popular activities in the tourism sector lending many opportunities for a variety of excursions. Traditional boats take passengers to numerous dive spots located around their holiday destination, while liveaboard dive boats require more of a time commitment. The payoff is visiting the best dive sites off the beaten, watery path.

Liveaboard cruising on open water affords some of the best coastal views and special sights like whale and dolphin pods, secluded islands and clandestine coves and caves. Many tours operate liveaboard dive boats and offer different luxury travel packages to choose from. Often a specific number of nights aboard with a predetermined number of dives plus meals and evening entertainment are all included. Though living in confined spaces and continuous travel on open water may have its downfalls, the ability to visit some of the best and most pristine dive sites in the world is all the pay off that's needed for many.

Take liveaboard dive vessels a couple of steps further and increase them by thousands of square feet and you've got a liveaboard cruiseship. Sail from Canada along the coast to California and even further to Hawaii or enjoy a European tour around Spain, France and the United Kingdom. A "residential" luxury liveaboard cruiseship is designed for navigating the ocean full time in the midst of luxury and refinement. A liveaboard cruiseship has larger cabins, staterooms and suites than most luxury cruises and feature kitchens or kitchenettes for the best in convenience.

Also located aboard are sweeping homes with square footage equal to large condos and apartments. Some are multi-level units that could fit three or four apartments in total. Each liveaboard cruiseship also has an onsite medical hospital complete with trained staff, optometrists, dentists, surgeons, and many other healthcare workers. Complete grocery stores with all the fixings and thousands of square feet of shopping complex's offer the same opportunities found on land. Restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment are also found onboard creating a watery world in constant motion.

There are many advantages to choosing a luxury liveaboard for dive trips, island hopping on vacation, weekend travel or even full-time living. You can even rent a liveaboard at many popular lakes and seaside destinations. Besides living in a very untraditional way, you're experiences could be that much more fulfilling than living an ordinary life on land. Liveaboard cruising affords a unique opportunity to see and experience locations you might not ever see in your life otherwise and live in a perpetual adventure on open water.

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