Luxury Spa Resorts

Where else can you get scrubbed, rubbed, soaked, wrapped and polished while indulging in serene and soothing scenery during royal treatment? Luxury spa resorts are found all over the world and feature a wealth of different treatments for guests to choose from. Much like luxury boutique hotels, a luxury resort and spa is defined by several unique traits that attract a certain clientele. Architecture and design are an important aspect of luxury spas as first impressions and aesthetics are important. What you see upon first glance during luxury spa vacations will help to paint a mental picture of the rejuvenating days to come.

In Costa Rica many luxury spa resorts are characterized by the country's dense and lush vegetation. Exotic plants and native flowers are used throughout many luxury spas to create a very natural atmosphere. Throughout the Caribbean, each spa has a unique feel distinguishing it from the next, but a calming tropical theme is a common local feature many foreigners find extremely pacifying. Most luxury spas use numerous natural elements throughout their facilities deepening the relaxed ambience. The Earth's natural elements typically administer a very calming effect creating an atmosphere filled with natural hues, reflections, brightness and a sense of warmth. A luxury resort and spa will often choose to use natural and organic fibers in all the linens and textiles used throughout their spa. In California spas, organic towels and blankets are often used during and after massages, wraps, steam showers, mineral baths and saunas.

Choosing between luxury spa resorts can be difficult as so many are appealing. There are numerous types of spas administering a wealth of treatments. Narrowing down your needs is the best way to start. European luxury spa vacations offer a number of unique facilities to choose from. Medical spa treatments are popular choices for those looking to improve certain elements of their health. Though treatments are extremely relaxing, they are geared toward specific health ailments such as arthritis, allergies and pulmonary issues. This type of spa can be found all around Europe including France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Skin care is also featured in many luxury spa resorts in Europe where body wraps and scrubs, facials and peels are used to improve skin circulation, elasticity and overall appearance.

In many countries throughout Asia the main focus during luxury spa vacations truly lies in body, mind and spirit. As a result of ancient religious and spiritual practices, many Asian spa practitioners believe that the mind has a direct influence over the body. Some say the best luxury spa resorts in the world are found in Asia and the genuine graciousness and hospitality of the continent's people creates a spa experience unlike any other. Famous luxury spas can be found all around Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, especially on Bali. Further north in China and Japan, ancient healing practices used for thousands of years are administered to guests seeking an improvement in their health as well as some rejuvenating time away from home. Meditation and physical exercise such as yoga and tai chi are also used in conjunction with massage, acupuncture and special herbal tea treatments at luxury spas.

A luxury resort and spa may focus on total mind, body and spirit, or it may approach each individually. Some luxury spas are traditional healing facilities while others encompass much more including outings, tours and other excursions. A spa in Argentina will likely offer a different approach to healing as a spa in Ireland would. In North America you're more likely to find a fusion of different regimens and methods which may provide the exact variety you're seeking. There are all-inclusive packages for luxury spa vacations which can include a predetermined number of treatments, or you can choose to select your treatments separately from your travel package.There is such a large scope of healing treatments around the world that it isn't difficult to find exactly what you need.

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