Best US National Parks

The best US National Parks are up for debate, but there are a select few that would have to make the short list of the finest in the country. Of course, people will have their favorites, but the truth is that there is something distinctive and unique about each of the nearly 400 spaces that constitute national parks in the United States. It is just that some have attained a more iconic status in the national consciousness, and as such, these places receive more visitors. Altogether, US National Parks welcome nearly 300 million visitors each year

There are some national parks that rise above all others in both fame and sheer mind-blowing beauty. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is one of these. No other park in the US is perhaps better known or more etched into the international psyche. Others of similar caliber include Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite, Grand Teton, and Mount Rushmore. However, just because these places are likely the best-known parks doesn't mean they are the only ones worth visiting, and while national parks are located in all the states, states known for their great outdoors such as California, Utah, and Colorado definitely shine in the national parks department.

Redwood National Park in Northern California is one of the best national parks for families. This popular national park and forest is best known for its formidable and massive redwood trees, but there are also many activities and other attractions to enjoy. Visitors will discover four completely developed campgrounds with good public facilities. Three of the campgrounds are located in the misty, majestic forest, while the fourth is situated on the pristine coast. This is one national park where you are going to want to have your camera at all times. It may at first be difficult to conceive of how beautiful this park in fact is. It is one place in California that you truly have to experience to fully appreciate it.

There is a wealth of other amazing national parks in the state of California. These include the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco and Lassen Volcanic National Park, to name just a few. The best national parks for families in the state of California make it easy for parents traveling with kids to keep everyone happy with plenty of interesting things to see and do, and aren't too far away from great family destinations such as Disneyland or the San Diego Zoo.

Utah is another state that is replete with phenomenal national parks. The diversity of the state’s topography is absolutely amazing and includes the Great Salt Lake and many mountains, canyons, and valleys. Arches National Park preserves some 2,000 naturally formed sandstone arches and features miles of amazing trails and land. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area features over 1.2 million acres of land and offers virtually unlimited options for water and land activities. The park extends from Arizona all the way to the Orange Cliffs in the southern portion of Utah. The vistas from the mountains here are incomparable. Some of the other best national parks for families in Utah include Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

Anyone in search of an awesome vacation to the US National Parks need look no further than the state of Colorado for even more amazing destinations. Great Sand Dunes National Park is quite unlike any other place in the country, combining creeks and streams with mountains and sand dunes, amongst expansive grasslands and wetlands where you will witness all manner of animals and plant life. When it comes to sheer, natural beauty, it is difficult to top the grandeur of Rocky Mountain National Park. This stunningly beautiful national park features elevations that range up to over 14,000 feet. There are five campgrounds into which you are able to drive your vehicle, a stunning 359 miles of hiking trails, and unlimited opportunities to enjoy rare birds, plants, and animals, as well as the breathtaking views of the almighty Rocky Mountains.

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