National Park Pass

A National Park Pass enables visitors to enjoy steep discounts at over 2,000 sites designated by the Federal government as National Parks, wildlife refugees, grasslands and wetlands, and much more. There are some 400 National Parks and Monuments alone, and this number does not include the vast array of national recreation areas that also available to eager tourists. For those who are genuinely interested in exploring the wide open expanses of the United States, getting a pass is just good common sense. There is a US National Park Senior Pass for those retirees who plan to blaze a trail in their RV to some of the country’s top destinations as well.

There are a few specifics that you should be aware of before you purchase your pass. First of all, the grand total for an annual pass is less than it would cost you to visit about four parks, not including pay for camping, vehicle passes, and more. The National Park Pass covers your entrance fee as well as all standard amenity fees at the following: National Parks, all lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation, National Forests and grasslands. The pass is good not only for you, but for all of the people in your vehicle and kids under 15 access the parks for free. The US National Park Senior Pass is much cheaper. For around $10 seniors will enjoy all of the same privileges and access to all of the parks. The $10 charge is good for a lifetime pass for seniors interested in making a habit of visiting the most beautiful places in the country.

You can obtain your National Park Pass by contacting the National Park Service or by purchasing one at any of the sites themselves. This truly is the best way to go if you even plan to take one trip to visit several national parks. You will find that the savings add up and that you will be able to spend more of your money on fun activities and attractions along the way.

If you have not already visited the likes of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks, or Glacier National Park, there is strong chance that you have heard a lot about them. This is because the national parks genuinely do feature some of the most amazing treasures that the country has to offer. It is difficult to put a tag on the beauty that is revealed in the hydrothermal explosions of Yellowstone or witnessing grizzlies in the glacial landscape of Alaska on a train tour. Places like Canyonlands National Park in Colorado and the Santa Monica National Recreation Area in Southern California provide endless opportunities for outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to rafting and repelling. There is something for everyone to enjoy at these destinations, and you can do it all for much less by obtaining a National Park Pass prior to your trip.

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