New Years Parties in Beijing

New Years Parties in Beijing
New Years Parties in Beijing

New Years parties in Beijing reflect the solemn importance of this holiday to the Chinese people. It is a time to gather together with family and friends in a spirit of peace and connectedness to say farewell to the old year and usher in a brand new one. The Chinese New Year starts on a different day each year as its date is calculated from solar and lunar movements.

There is a range of option available to you if you fancy ringing in New Years Eve in Beijing in a more Western fashion. You may not think that there are big club parties on New Years Eve 2023 in this Chinese city, they are all around in abundance. The Yen Celebration held in the 798 Factory District is a popular party where famous DJ's host the event. There are room for around 2,000 attendees, so book well in advance.

Acupuncture Records also throws an amazing party on New Years Eve where they take over the entire basement floor of the Superior Shopping Mall. The massive space then becomes one giant rave and people celebrate the coming of the New Year all night long. There is a bar and people adorn colorful outfits as they dance the night away.

Club China Doll plays host to one of the most unique celebrations on New Years Eve in Beijing. For the big celebration this popular club transorms its interior to one big casino with the staff acting as card dealers. Normal cocktail tables are turned into gambling tables and there are DJ's to help celebrate in right style. You can purchase tickets in advance that secure open bar drinks throughout the night, hors d'ouevres, and a toast at midnight. This is a highly popular New Years destination party in Beijing.

There is a broad range of culturally and historically significant traditions associated with the Beijing New Years. All of the traditions involve making yourself ready to receive the good fortune that the new year has to offer. Good fortune can mean something different to everyone but the traditions leading up to New Years Eve in Beijing are largely standard throughout the country in places like Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Just as in Tokyo and most of Japan in general, New Years parties in Beijing do not begin until a few requisite duties have been taken care of. First of all, the living quarters are cleaned thoroughly in an effort not to leave any of the residue of the old year behind as people look forward to a fresh start. This philosophy is somewhat unique to countries in the East such as China and Japan who place great emphasis on the notion of rebirth during this sacred holiday. After cleaning there is still more to do in preparation for the New Years parties in Beijing. First, put away any of the brooms and brushes used to do the cleaning. Then, in keeping with the notion of preparing wholeheartedly for a brand new year, resolve any outstanding debts you may have, make good with any people with whom you may have personal disputes, and make a list of important things to buy. In preparation for the Beijing New Years residents will all be buying the same things.

The first thing to purchase leading up to 2023 New Years Eve in Beijing is a red envelope. Parents place crisp dollar bills in them on New Years Day morning and give them to their kids. People also purchase an array of candies and flowers (especially peach and plum blossoms and water lilies), and kids get a brand new outfit of clothing and shoes to properly ring in the New Year. The Beijing New Years is such an exciting time for children and adults alike, and the great New Years photos will be a wonderful memento.

After all of the preparations have been made, families get together for a large feast. They open the windows and doors at midnight to be sure to allow any remnants of the old year to filter out. Prayers and blessings are repeated and many people take the opportunity to acknowledge their ancestors before heading to bed and preparing for New Years Day. Homes are adorned in red (which symbolizes happiness) and orange (which symbolizes wealth and prosperity) and people greet each other with the phrase, “Gung Hey Fat Choy,” or “Wishing You Wealth and Prosperity.” New Years Eve in Beijing and all over China is a very sacred and special time indeed.

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