Eiffel Tower New Years Eve

Eiffel Tower New Years Eve
Eiffel Tower New Years Eve  Image: joaquimb (flickr)

The Eiffel Tower New Years Eve light show is something that many Parisians and visitors alike look to cap the off the end of their year, but be aware that the light show is essentially the same light show that happens every evening, unless it is a milestone year in the history of the tower. Eiffel Tower New Years celebrations are essentially street parties that see people drinking champagne and socializing while they wait for the New Year to ring in. Whether you speak a lot of French or you only have "bonjour" in your repertoire, you're likely to make a lot of new friends while celebrating New Years Eve in Paris near the Eiffel Tower, and you definitely won't want to forget your wine flute, not to mention a personal bottle of the bubbly. While there was a fantastic fireworks display at the tower to celebrate the turn of the millennium, do not expect fireworks, other than the random ones set off by individuals in the crowd. Many people actually bring umbrellas to protect not only from rain or snow, but also as protection from the sparks of these random fireworks. 

The Champs Elysees is the place to be if you want to enjoy being in the center of the Eiffel Tower New Years celebration. Thousands crowd the famed boulevard waiting for the Eiffel Tower midnight display, and you can bet that most are armed with wine flutes and bottles of champagne. The whole affair is essentially one big block party, and if you take the metro to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Station, you'll find yourself right in the heart of it all. It is advisable that women not wade into these crowds alone. If you want to witness the celebration from afar, their are many viewpoints around the city away from the crush of the main crowd. 

When looking for things to do during your Eiffel Tower New Years Eve experience, you can always look to do some dancing at an area club or bar and enjoy the nightlife scene here. You can also enjoy a rewarding dining experience at any number of restaurants near the famed structure and then find a good viewing spot before midnight strikes. Many people congregate on bridges along the Seine like the Pont Neuf, or along the river banks as well, to get a good view of the Eiffel Tower light display. Wherever you position yourself, you'll notice that numerous spotlights are used to illuminate the tower. 

Top image: zigazou76 (flickr)
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