New Years Parties in Mexico City

New Years parties in Mexico City are abundant throughout this populous center of Mexican culture and commerce. Many people from the United States and Europe never get to see this city as their visits to Mexico more often involve trips to popular tourist destinations like Cancun and Acapulco. These are great places to visit, but for an equally impressive celebration, New Years Eve in Mexico City is sure to fit the bill.

New Years Parties in Mexico City
New Years Parties in Mexico City

The club scene is massive here and a big part of how many people spend New Years Eve in Mexico City. Unlike many other parts of the world, many of the clubs in Mexico stay open literally all night. There are no exceptions on the night of the big holiday as New Years parties in Mexico City continue until the last person is ready to go home. Just as in the United States and Europe and many other popular tourist destinations, it is possible to purchase tickets and reservations in advance to a restaurant or club for a fixed price. These deals normally involve dinner, complimentary champagne toast, and entertainment.

From Calle Francisco Madero all the way to the Palacio de Bellas Artes the streets are blocked off and stages are erected for bands and DJs to help ring in the celebration. The bands begin playing at 4 p.m. in on New Years Eve. There is a big fireworks display right at midnight and then the party commences with dancing and celebrating usually lasting into the early morning hours of New Years Day.

At New Years parties in Mexico City the phrase “Feliz Ano Nuevo” is sure to ring out at every turn. On this night, people line the streets and the festivities can last well into the early morning hours of New Years Day. The New Year in Mexico City is a time of celebration and after dinner with loved ones many people, young and old alike, head out into their local neighborhoods to enjoy a drink and to watch whatever fireworks may be blasting off from their local park or neighbor’s yard.

Mexican people celebrate a number of holidays throughout the year that have immense cultural and traditional significance. The country begins to prepare for the coming of the New Year with All Saints Day (or the Day of the Dead) on November 1st. In this largely Catholic country, Christmas is also a very important date to mark on the calendar. New Year in Mexico City just as in the rest of the country is the culmination of a holiday season that celebrates various religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions.

Most New Years parties in Mexico City are preceded by a traditional meal with family and close friends. In Mexico, it is not at all uncommon for unmarried adult children to stay in their parents home, and many times families invite members of their extended family to also live with them. Family is very important in Mexico. As such, it is important to ring in the New Year with those closest to you by your side. After a traditional meal that is often times prepared for a full day in advance, the celebration of New Year in Mexico City, and in other towns around the country, usually centers around the Zocalo. The Zocalo is simply the center of the town. As Mexico City is one of the largest in the entire world, the Zocalo here is a massive, paved public area with a huge flag in the center. People gather here on New Years Eve in Mexico City to set off fireworks and sparklers and generally enjoy the company of others celebrating alongside them. There is also a big public fireworks display at the Zocalo in Mexico City.

No matter where you choose to spend New Years Eve in Mexico City, you will no doubt get a sense of the cultural togetherness and feeling of community that is inspired when holidays are celebrated in this great country.

Top image: Carlos Adampol (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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